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Prime recruiting season for home-based businesses is right now!

Greeting to all my wonderful entrepreneurs. Prime season for recruiting members in home-based business opportunities is right now. These days especially now more than ever since the covid disaster has affected our already bad economy for more than 3 years now, people want to get out of the corporate world and have more time and freedom, as well as stable their financial goals and have a secured back up plan in this bad economy. What a wonderful platform here to utilize at MLM Gateway for everyone to expand their opportunities and connect with so many professional likeminded entrepreneurs. I look forward to connecting with many of you and developing relationships. Discussing goals, sharing ideas, and just enjoying wonderful conversations from people all over the world. 

I got started in the industry in 2011. I'm a disabled guy who has cerebral palsy. I struggled for many years being disabled and not being hired for jobs due to my disability. Going through this, that gave me a strong desire and motivation to get in the industry and set myself free. Like many of you I am sure, this experience was not fun and I had many hardships and struggles along the way. Once I finally learned basic fundamentals upon many hours of reading self-motivation books and doing a lot of tedious research, things started to turn around and then I branded myself away from companies and showed people what I can bring to the table. This has made a tremendous impact on how I have been able to grow my business and achieve all the goals and desires I had set out for myself to do. Just trying to send a positive vibe for those of you who may be experiencing hardships in the industry. Don't give up! Apply yourself every day, make an actionable to do list every day and make sure you stick to it. Every morning and every evening I put on self-help positive reinforcement thinking audio to keep my mind in the best frame where I don't let negativity get in the way. Mental mindset is a very important factor in the industry, and you must not let people around you be negative or try and bring negativity to you.

If you are proactive, have great mental mindset every day, and make a actionable to do list and apply strategies every day, you will see results. This is all a numbers game and eventually the numbers will come. If I am able to help any of you in anyway, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. We all must stick together and help each other as best as we can. This is a great community of people, and we are surrounded by great things and just have to focus on the positive and keep pushing out the negatives. Let us always remember, you can dream of the life you want, or you can create the life of your dreams!

Those of you who may be interested in what I do and how I have been able to leave the corporate world and escape the 9-5 JOB can certainly connect with me on here and we can start up a friendship. This industry is all about building relationships and helping people to achieve their desired dreams. Many blessings and bright days ahead to all of you and we can connect anytime. Those of you who wish to browse my website, the link is below. My personal contact information is on my website. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

This article was published on 31.10.2023 by Jon Townsend
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