How To Use MLM Gateway To Build A MLM Business: Part 1 Connecting

What I am going to do in my next few business announcements, is take apart my most popular business announcements and create even more detail and information on them.

This series of business announcements will be focused on one main topic, which is "How To Use MLM Gateway To Build A MLM Business".

In it, I want to take each specific step to using MLM Gateway, and give as much detail on that one step as possible.

I believe this series will help shape MLM Gateway member behavior, and help more people get a lot more benefit from using the platform.

So with that said, let's talk about connecting with others.

Start Connecting

If you want to get a lot of benefit from using MLM Gateway, you really need to focus first on building your connections.

The more connections you have here, the better your chance of getting results become.

So before doing anything else, focus on getting as many connections as you can. And this business announcement will be focused on how you can accomplish this task.

The Balance

There eventually becomes a balance on how to use your credits for connecting.

You always will want to build a connection base, even when you begin focusing on other activities.

So there will become a balance down the road, but in the beginning, focus on using all your credits you can get to connect with others.

Once you hit 100 connections or more, then start looking at using the other strategies.

Use The Member List

Now first thing to do when looking for connections, is to use the "member list" tab in the right side toolbar.

What you want to do, in order to prevent wasting a good credit, is only reach out to people who show signs of being active or visiting the site.

This can be found through only connecting with people who have full profile, including picture.

Or people who have became Featured Professionals.

Don't try to connect with incomplete profiles or old profiles, as those members may never see it.

Write Business Announcements For Connections

One way to get more connections without using credits, is to write business announcements.

By asking for connections (like you see below) you can get a few more connections this way.

Also, you are given at least 5 credits, to connect with 5 more people directly.

Focus on writing more business announcements and using them to build connections.

Comment On Business Announcements

Read some business announcements from time to time and leave comments.

One, you may get a connection request sent from the writer.

But most of all, the readers of the content see you and reach out.

Look for business announcements that you believe would pull the most readers and comment on them.

This increases your chances of more connection requests.

Focus On Connections

In your first couple weeks at MLM Gateway, you should be focused on connections.

In the upcoming series, you will know why I say this.

The connections you have really increase the odds of success with this platform.

Remember, every activity you do from the start, should have the focus of how to get more connections.

Let's Connect

If you get value from this, please send me over a connection request. I will accept them all, so you will not waste a credit on connecting with me.

Also, be sure to leave a comment below and share any thoughts, or questions you have regarding the announcement.

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This article was published on 29.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
Member comments:

Jaye Carden You are welcome Abdul and Terry!  1 year ago
Terry Young Thanks I needed that!  1 year ago
Abdul Latif Mohammed Great post! Way educative, now I know how to go about my networking. Thanks for sharing   1 year ago
Jaye Carden Thanks for the comments! I appreciate you both!  1 year ago
Chuck Holmes Great post here. Thanks for sharing. Tons of great info.   1 year ago
sammy badaki Yes! I concur  1 year ago

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