How to get more sign ups in your Multi Level/Network Marketing Business- Part 2

How to get more sign ups in your Multi Level/Network Marketing Business- Part 2

In this article I will show you how to conventionally (basically meaning without the use of the internet like the times in the early 2000’s or before where you actually had to go and meet people where as today you only need a computer and a good internet connection and you’re on your way to a better network marketing business in the whole!) go and show the business and it’s model to the people who want to get into something that may change their lives and would be really invested into making themselves rich which would ultimately help you in either making a lot of money or growing as a network marketer as they become a testimonial and proof of your ability as a life coach and mentor to someone which would likely also lead to you making a lot more money in the future, so either way it means big bucks for you so maybe you should have a really, really deep look into it, okay?

So it is likely that your company or business has given you a blueprint of how and where and when you should show the ‘deal’ to your prospects. This in a large part is a good way or building yourself up as an entrepreneur through all the highs and lows that you would go through however may not actually bring about results in terms of you making any serious money and expanding your network marketing business which is a bad thing in certain ways and not such a bad thing in others.

It is important that you go through the process in order to maybe get rid of a few false friends and find out who really have your back but if this takes you more than 2 months then the truth of the matter is that you aren’t putting in enough work and you need to move a lot faster in order to get this part of the life evolution ( and I choose these words very wisely because this industry will actually change your life whether you want it or not, so toughen up little soldier, it’s going to be a bumpy ride from here on)

Seeing as this length of this article is now over I will continue with my proposed conventional plan in order to get you to the next rank in your company in the next edition of this series

Be sure to check it out, it isn’t one you’ll want to miss especially if you’re scared of the internet

Yadav Timmal

Founder of Network Marketing Assistance

This article was published on 13.03.2016 by Yadav Timmal
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