The Mindset for MLM Business

You may have heard someone say Network Marketing is Personal Development cleverly disguised as a business.  I had heard that three years ago, when I first was exposed to this industry, but I didn't really 'get it!' until the last 3 months.  I grew up in a traditional business, 7 days a week for the biggest chunk of my childhood years, and I have started 3 traditional businesses of my own, before hearing about a product that blew my mind. The product that led me to MLM.  I didn't really know anything about networking then, except that it had a pretty bad wrap here in Australia.  My Aussie mate says, Aussie's break out in hives when you mention anything to do with MLM.  She's pretty spot on ! That statement just makes me laugh now.  After my previous experience in traditional business and what I've learned about this business model, it makes me laugh at the negativity, the closed minds that are ignorant to any business model really, the narrow minds that scoff. But that negativity had crept into my psyche. Its so true, we are the product of who we surround ourselves with and the things we read and watch. I'd heard negativity about MLM growing up, mainly originating from people's experiences with the granddaddy big A.  I also experienced the way people talked about the House that Big A Built.  I didn't see that as a negative ! The nicest, biggest house on the block, a very exclusive block.  My family worked their absolute behinds off 7 days a week for 8 years and invested very well and bought into the same area, at about half of the value of the Big A House. I was a curious teenager, influenced with a tinge of negativity creeping in. The Tall Poppy Syndrome us Aussies are afflicted with, I think we are the biggest culprits.  When I first started my personal development work 15 years ago the facilitator asked, do we ask the successful person with the hot new car what they did to earn that car, to learn lessons from them, or do we want to key that hot car ? Wow ! Do people really have negativity that chronically ?? Yes, yes it appears they do.  Wow. Tall Poppy to the Max-imus !

Years ago a friend invited me to meet for coffee, I thought we would discuss our next volunteer project. Instead her upline was there and I was under attack about things I should buy that I didn't have the slightest inclination or the budget for. You know the little things, that add up to big negatives.  I've always strived to be positive, I think most people would describe me that way, some do tell me I am from time to time.  But being positive, and not negative, is not near enough what it takes to be successful network marketer. 

Getting back to personal development wrapped up in a business, this year I have been on the most intense and purpose filled growth work on myself to date.  I uncovered why I've done what I have, the choices I made, the decisions I made, and the stories I told myself.  I've blown those stories, I can't really remember them today, but I did get to a place that made me laugh before they slipped my mind.  They once held intense fear for me.  We are either in love or fear, when you really break it down thats all there is.

And its been the slowest start to the biggest leap forward I've made in my life. It took a long time but its worth every moment. I have always said, When I stop growing and wanting to do more to be a better person, then I would not be really living. I never want to stop living this way.  Its just getting better and better. I've finally learned to meditate a minimum of once a day for the last 30 days, its like I crave it now at the beginning and end of my days.  Its the healthiest addiction I've ever had.  I've got 3 books on the go at once.  All growth work for different reasons.  My business growth has not quite tripled, like everything else seemingly going in threes here for me at the moment.  I'm so happy I was brought to this business because now the people I surround myself with, what I'm reading and watching, I will not be one bit tinged by whatever the people with hives are carrying. I'm so excited for more growth that I'm determined to keep pushing through.  

This article was published on 08.10.2018 by Belinda Glover
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Alin Doru Great post Belinda , like your attitude .  11 months ago

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