Why Join Forsage?

The Forsage Project was launched on February 6th 2020 and already has over 1 million participants. 

1,000’s of people are joining everyday because of the unique nature of the biz model.

People love the program because:

• They are paid out INSTANTLY!!

• It’s affordable for everybody (Startup for $20 approx)

• No company holding your money

• No monthly membership payments

• No products to buy

No where on the internet can you join a business like The Forsage Project and earn money and be paid out the VERY SAME DAY!

How does Forsage Work??

You refer people to the CryptoCurrency world (specifically Ethereum) through Forsage, and you are rewarded!

When you start with Forsage, you are buying Smart Contracts that allows you to own little bits of Blockchain real estate. Forsage allows you to purchase 24 Smart Contracts. The more Smart Contracts you own, the more you will make. You can start with 2 Smart Contracts for approximately $20 and buy more once you receive income. There is no pressure to upgrade. You do that at your own pace and only if you want to.

Forsage is a computer program (and not a company with people) it is safe - and cannot be altered or revised, and there are no wasted expenditures, which is why payouts are able to be so substantial.

Most "companies" have staff, buildings, products, payroll, and utilities, etc that must be paid BEFORE reps see a profit. Not Here!!

These “Smart Contracts” remain yours for the life of Ethereum & the internet (meaning you continue to earn LONG after your initial buy in)

CryptoCurrency is special because it is decentralized; meaning it is not tied to any government or major banking institution. It was originally created as a means of payment and currency OUTSIDE the typical systems, to shift the power to the people.

Ethereum is a peer to peer currency system that is special because of its design. Currently, it is the 2nd most popular CryptoCurrency with a huge projection to grow in value in the short and long term. It is anticipated to go on a bull run the next two years, with projection to go to $1500-$2000. Some even predict as high as $7,000

Forsage relies on two systems to create leverage.

• The x3 pay leg pays you immediately for introducing the system to others.

• The x4 pay leg pays you residual for your people as well as others, depending on the Lineage of placements

Sound confusing? It's really quite simple.

When you sign up you are not left alone. You will be part of an awesome community that will train and support you.

Do you want better for you & your family? 

Click On Here To Learn More About The Forsage Project

This article was published on 07.09.2020 by Ivan Willert
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Forsage Project - Cashback, 20 USD to join

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