Tips To Attract More MLM Gateway Members To Connect With You (simple to do)


Since you are on the MLM Gateway website, I assume you are a member of it.

If you are a member of MLM Gateway then you know having more connections here is one of the ways to build a network marketing business.

But, do you, or are you, building your connections quite regularly? 

In today's business announcement, I am going to share with you some tips on how you can increase your connections, and even explain why you need to be focused on it.

Who Cares About Connections?

Why even have connections on MLM Gateway?


Because for every connection you have here, it is just like having them on your mailing list.

To explain, I'll put it this way: If you write a business announcement how many people know of it? Well if you have no connections, no one. If you have 1,000 connections, then 1,000 people get alerted it's up.

Same as messaging. MLM Gateway will send an email to the connection, so they don't miss what you say.

This is why having connections makes your results with MLM Gateway much better as you work on it.

How Can I Attract People To Connect?

First let's look at what you need to do, and not do with your profile.

Since people see you on the members list, when looking for someone new to connect with.

#1. Use a real picture. Don't use a picture that we know isn't you.

#2. Use a picture of any kind over having a default image (yea even not you is better)

#3. Fill out your profile the best you can. Use bios, videos, social media icons, etc. Fill it to the top!

#4. Select wisely what you say on "interested in" and "not interested in". Remember, just because someone isn't interested in your product, doesn't mean the connection will not be any count. But since many people will see it that way, be sure to include whatever will get the most people open to sending the connection request.

Who Should I Connect With?

As you collect credits from purchases or activities, it is wise to begin using them to connect with others.

Always look for people who appear active.

Don't just go through there clicking on the first, then the second, then third, and so on. This will waste a lot of credits as some will never connect or know you sent it.

Look for people who have purchased monthly subscriptions to Featured Professional. They will accept as they are putting money into it and want to get the most from it too.

Never send a profile with no image a connection request. They may not even be active or care to come back.

Look for the ones first, you have something in common with. Such as a local person, same state or country, same company (yes, I do this too).

These usually lead to some very interesting conversations for rapport building.

How Can I Get More People Connecting With Me?

It's always better when someone else sends the request, I know. Saves you a credit to connect with someone else.

So how can we accomplish this?

Here are a few tips that may help you get more people sending you connection requests:

#1. Write business announcements - the more the merrier. More people see them, and connect.

#2. Ask for a connection. Look below in bold, I ask people to send me connection requests, and they do!

#3. Promote MLM Gateway on other platforms. The more people you refer to the platform, the more people are connected. Anyone you refer, you do not lose a credit for when you send the connection request to them.

#4. Become a featured professional. In my opinion, it's well worth the money at a 3 month level. Get the 3 month subscription for $60, and you save $5 a month for doing it. 

#5. Here's something I did once and it worked well. I wrote a business announcement that got a lot of attention, and later lost it's luster. So I bumped it back up and it did the same thing again. Heck, I may bump it a 3rd time to get more connection, leads, and even sales from it. So if you have an announcement get a lot of attention and comments, bump it back up!

Being Active Helps Attract More

The biggest key to mastering MLM Gateway, either for connections, leads, or signups, is being active.

If you are active, write an announcements, promote it, message others, post on the dashboard, fill out your profile fully, and work on the platform often, you'll see more and more connections.

Being a featured professional really does help as well, so if all possible, become one.

Remember to ask for connections in your business announcement, and try to write valuable content to help others. Those 2 factors can really help get more connections coming your way.

Did This Help?

If you got value from today's business announcement, please leave a comment below. I appreciate all comments!

Also, send me over a connection request so we can connect and help build your connections, starting with me! Matters not what you are promoting, I am always open to connect with you!

P.S Want to see a powerful network marketing system, that's automated? I am feeding it a lot of people, and signing up a lot of new team members. Take the free tour here, and you can keep those signups I'm getting if you wish!

This article was published on 18.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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