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Hello Fellow Marketers

in the Past B.A I touched on the importance of creating New Streams of Income,

But how you can identify the best opportunity to re-invest your earnings ?

Well, the reality of it, There is NO BEST, only Calculated Risks

How Calculated? Simple, Your initial strategy is to retreve your capital (the money you started with) then you start working from the earnings :)

the most important thing too is that you only pick businesses that are either NEW ideas OR easy to work with 

regardless wither your community will accept it or not 

Because you are Re-inviting your previous effort into this new one, That includes Your Network Structure :).

Yes, I am asking you to Copy your entire Structure Level by level to the New Business 

But this require a class approach :

You soften the ball but making one of you regular followup meetings about the importance of creating a second income stream, to release the pressure and stress of the marketer if he didn't made the needed goal  

then You ask for a new meeting (in a new different timing AND Place) so this will be the New timing for the followup of the new business

Never mix the two businesses together it will only create confusion and ruin everything in a swift blow 

Now you tell them about that you are intent to build the new stream BUT it will exclusive for the attended til we hit certain goals then we can expand 

(Like phasing your business (the First business will be the first phase for any new comer and when he hits a certain goals you introduce the new business as the second phase of building wealth and so on)

once you hit all your protective business , start acquiring precious metals and Real states 

The Metals will be like a Saving Plans and the Real-States are assets that if you rented them will generate a handsome income that you can build local businesses for yourself away from network marketing when you decide to retire 

Once you retire you will see that you are living a dream life the right way and you are NOT worrying about money because you created streams everywhere AND you supported more than one company that will live on through your life time to say the least :)

(the following B.As will be about explaining businesses that I am assosiated with and Hopefully I get your support by joining those companies)

Feel free to comment about any B.A..I enjoy a logical healthy discussion :) 

This article was published on 16.12.2015 by Mohammed Omer El-tom
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