Here Are The Reasons My Signup Rate Is Much Higher Than 90% Of Most

I get asked time and time again "How are you doing this?" or "How do you find these people?"

Then it gets followed by "I don't have the skills to do what you do so I have to find another way".

It really saddens me to hear this from many of the people I brought into the business. 

The reason is, because I do not have any special skills, talents, or magic wands to get people to join.

I simply have a hunger to succeed, and it works.

So today, I am going to share with anyone who reads this, how I am getting people to sign up into my business, even without meeting them or even telling them about it.

It Starts With Prospecting

Most people fail to see, that because I have more people join me then over 90% of all MLM business owners (much higher but don't know the number exactly)....

Is I am getting told "No" way more then they are.

I am not afraid of hearing the word "No" as I don't want someone joining who isn't interested. I am only out to see if they are open to looking at it, nothing more.

By not seeing everyone as a "failed attempt" that I prospect, I am able to prospect more people than most, giving me of course, a much higher rate of signups.

Using Posture

Another way to get more signups in your business, is to give yourself posture.

When I call a stranger, who has opted in to look at my business, I don't stutter and act afraid.

The reason I don't is because I have no emotion or feeling in calling them.

I've called so many, that when I do, the prospect knows it.

Have posture, and have in your mind that you are only calling the prospect to see what they want. They did give you their number when they opt into your landing page of course. So you're doing them the favor.

I Don't Need Your Attitude

Similar to posture, a prospect must get the idea that you don't need them to be successful.

You are only there to help them become successful.

I will from time to time get objections and rejection, or the little smart elect that has something negative to say about what I am doing.

When I have someone throw that attitude towards me about how MLM sucks, and they ain't falling for no scam, I say "Not a problem, it's not something you'd be any good at anyway".

Now many will say back "What's that suppose to mean" and you can continue to give them their own medicine or tell them the truth that they would never succeed in this industry because they don't have the right energy to be successful period.

I Only Look For Those I Can Connect With

A huge issue for many people in our industry is they latch onto anyone and everyone.

I don't do that.

I only look for someone I like to talk to. Someone who opens up to me as a stranger and shows no shyness.

There are people who say they are interested in joining, but I am not interested in them. I will do the G.A.P (grab a pen) and if they join on their own will, then I will consider I was wrong and try to connect better with them.

But when you are prospecting and only looking for people who like talking to you as much as you do with them, you have no fear of prospecting period.

Every day I make calls to prospects, I find that person.

If I do calls everyday back to back, I sign up a person everyday back to back.

Just see prospecting as calling people to see which one you like and who the one that is going to join is.

You Don't Have To Be Skilled

If you were to just make calls over and over, day by day, you'd build an empire regardless of skills.

The reason is, because there are so many people out there just like you.

The people I connect with, may not join you.

But those who do not join me, may connect with you and join you.

It's simply a matter of the right person.

Once you get them on the phone, and they open up and talk your ear off, they usually just sign themselves up.

So I don't do much at all of saying magic words or sentences, I just call until the right person answers the phone.

Prospecting is SUPER SIMPLE if you just try it.

Did This Help?

Does this help you to see how prospecting and dial sessions can turn out?

Does this help with the fear of calling a lead or a stranger?

If you get value, or see the point I am trying to make, please leave a comment below.

Also, let's connect on MLM Gateway and I will be happy to help you become better at prospecting if you need the help.

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This article was published on 06.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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