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Brand New Social Economy Platform for Local Business, Deliveries, Salespeople

Connect Social is a social platform that aims to connect local businesses, deliveries, salespeople, and ambassadors. It combines features of social media, e-commerce, and blockchain technology, and rewards consumers for their data while allowing merchants to access verified consumer data. They are currently looking for salespeople to help expand their business network in Canada and the USA, and the job is flexible and can be done from home with the potential to earn up to $100,000 per year through a compensation plan based on immediate and residual income. There is also a referral program for extra earnings.

Connect Social is a comprehensive social economy platform that merges social media, e-commerce, and blockchain technology. It rewards consumers for their data and provides merchants with verified consumer data for advertising purposes. The platform includes a social network, shopping platform, and video content platform, making it a one-stop-shop for users. The Connect Coin is the platform's loyalty token that will be backed by the economy and exchangeable for fiat dollars. Early adopters of Connect Coin are expected to reap higher rewards. The platform aims to disrupt the data and loyalty industries by offering a low-cost and trackable advertising solution.

Connect Social is a new social media platform that rewards its users, known as Ambassadors, for providing valuable data to merchants. The platform offers a free sign-up process where Ambassadors can create a profile and connect with others. Ambassadors can earn Connect Coins through referrals and by making purchases at Connect merchants. The platform's value and the value of the Connect Coin increase as more people join and make purchases. Connect Social plans to release a mobile app in September 2023, which will provide access to local merchants, exclusive offers, and Connect Coin compensation for purchases.

Connect Social is looking for entrepreneurs to join as Connect Territory Managers to expand its network of merchants. The role offers flexibility in terms of working hours and the potential to earn both immediate and residual income. The company will provide support and manage merchants, leaving the Territory Manager to focus on signing up merchants for the platform. Full training and marketing materials will be provided to assist in the process. A single acquisition of 1 merchant per day for 20 per month for 1 year could result in an immediate income and potential earnings of $100,000 per year in passive residual income. Connect Social will assign a concierge to manage everything for the Territory Manager and their merchants.

Joining Connect Social is free for both Ambassadors and Merchants. Interested individuals can apply for a sales position after creating a profile on the platform.

This article was published on 01.02.2023 by Paul Bilek
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Connect Social - Exclusive Territory , Free to join

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