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What Happens When a 250 Million Dollar Super Affiliate Partners With a Giant...

What Happens When a 250 Million Dollar Super Affiliate Partners With a Giant Software Company?

It's not often that an individual who has created multiple 7 figure businesses and generated over a quarter of a Billion in sales partners up with another company. When it does happen however, it creates a lot of opportunity for those that get in early.

When someone with this much results, reputation and buying power gets involved with a new company, you know it's time to invest!

Even though this company may not be public in the stock market yet, we as affiliate marketers can cash in big and often from such a movement.

In all honesty when a company has this much leverage and the proper marketing behind them, they can completely dominate the marketplace.

Just take a look at Wix for example. They don't have an affiliate program, but they collaborate with celebrities for their adverts. As a result they have 120,000,000 users and attract 40,000 new users a day.

When massive collaborations like this happen, it's only a matter of time before they start to dominate the marketplace.

So who is this $250,000,000 super affiliate and software company?

David Sharpe has done over a quarter billion in his time online and has just became the official director of marketing and sales for the most complete digital marketing company on the planet.

You may be wondering why someone with this much money, fame, impact and his own wildly successful company would become the sales and marketing director for another company.

He obviously doesn't need the money.

He obviously doesn't need the fame.

He could easily close down his laptop today and live out the rest of his days in luxury but he has chosen not to...

And the answer is simple.

He wants to make a massive impact in the world and is not satisfied with the impact he has already made.

He believes in the product.

He believes that the product has huge potential.

And he believes that the product can help you.

So let's talk for a moment about the product.

Builderall is the most complete set of marketing tools on the planet, period.

They have 29 different tools ranging from websites and hosting to webinars, chatbots and social proof.

Their flagship products though, are where the money's at.

First, the Canvas.

Builderall's Canvas is the only functional funnel planner on the market.

Canvas allows you to build out a plan of a funnel, website, membership area, etc. and then with the push of a button, bring it to life!

Once it is created, you can then track every step of the funnel with the visual flow you built. It is truly a revolutionary tool which noone has managed to replicate yet.

Second, the Cheetah builder.

Builderall's Cheetah builder claims to be the fastest website builder ever created.

It loads incredibly fast and gets almost 100 score on Google's pagespeed insight tests which is very impressive considering most other competitors barely reach 40.

Check out this link and see how fast their main website loads: CLICK HERE

Page speed is so important for so many reasons. Google will rank you higher in the search engines if your page loads faster, and of course you will retain a lot more visitors when your page loads fast.

Finally the CRM.

CRMs are so important in any business and tracking usually doesn't come cheap!

With Builderall you get a fully functional CRM included in your plan. If you aren't tracking key performance indicators in your business, you are dead in the water.

On top of this they also have an...


Webinar Platform

e-Commerce Platform

Mobile App Creator

e-Learning Platform

Directory Builder

Social Proof Tool

Facebook Chatbot

Share Locker

Social Proof


Autopost Tool

Browser Notifications Tool

Instagram Autoresponder

WhatsApp Messaging Autoresponder

SMS Messaging Autoresponder

Script Generator

Magazine Editor

MockUp Studio

Photo Studio

Animated Videos Tool

Floating Videos Tool

Video Wrapper Tool

Video Tag Tool

Video Funnel Creator

Traffic Management Tool

SEO Report Tool

Click/Heat Map

Professional Email For Your Domain

The amount of value is insane, so you can see why they are growing so rapidly.

Since their launch back in 2017 they grew rapidly to 50,000 users and are now ready to 10x that.

From what history tells us, Builderall is about to explode and you can either be along for the ride, or watch from the sidelines as a spectator wishing you had got involved sooner!

Builderall could easily catch up to Wix in the next few years and affiliates like us could be cashing in big with this company.

Wix don't have an affiliate program, but if they did and they paid out the same amount as Builderall, they would be paying their affiliates hundreds of millions a month!

Builderall already pays out over a million a month to their affiliates and it's just beginning.

So let's talk stats for a moment.

Builderall has over 120 employees spread out over 5+ different countries.

Builderall is currently active in over 100 countries around the world.

The entire Builderall platform has been translated into 30 different languages.

Builderall pays out on a 2 tier system, 30% on your direct sales and 30% on your second tier.

Builderall currently pays out over 1 million per month.

When Builderall has as many users as Wix, they will be paying out $4,968,000,000 a month to people like you.

Check out everything included on their plans page and decide whether you want to get involved now or later...

This article was published on 15.11.2019 by James Neville-taylor
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