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Focus on the Solution Not The Problem

Focus on the Solution Not The Problem We do not live in a perfect world meaning that from time to time we will run into problems in our business life and personal life, but if we focus on the problem that problem will begin to grow, when ever you focus on something for a long period of time you give energy to what ever it is

like the sunlight giving energy to a a plant it gives that plant the energy that it needs to grow. Yes i know that this all sound spiritual but it is not intended to be spiritual this is just reality if you have read the book The greatest Secret written by Ron McIntosh you would understand the focus of this article, each of us on this

planet has potential that has not been reached scientists tell us that we only use ten percent of our brains, can you just imagine what we could accomplish if we could tap into that other ninety percent that is not used? It is truly amazing what human beings can accomplish once they make up their mind and focus on the goal

and take positive action to make that goal a reality. When we focus on the goal or solution to any problem we give energy to finding a solution to the problem regardless how big or small the problem might be, make it a habit of focusing on the solution to your problems as they arise and you will soon see that you are developing

and becoming a solution solver. People will begin to come to you with their problems because you always find a way to solve problems big or small. An internet friend who earns five hundred thousand dollars every month calls it the mind set, in marketing online or offline marketing is twenty percent on the marketing principles and the other eighty percent is the mind set. This principal in practice has been responsible for

helping my friend to become a millionaire in a short period of time, he tells me that he remembers when he did not know how he was going to put food on the table to feed his family because he had no money not even a dollar and nineteen cents.And within just a few years he is earning over five million dollars every year

and it is all due to his ability to focus on the problem and apply eighty percent to the solution to any problem. When ever there is a problem be quick to find a solution ask yourself the right questions, instead of saying we have a problem say to yourself how can we solve this problem write it down on a piece of paper and focus on

finding the answer to solve the problem and before you know it problem solved. It has worked for me over the years I have never been faced with a problem that i was not able to find a solution to, it's just reality.Quote from the book The Greatest Secret What you focus on with your thought and feeling is what you attract into your experience unquote. Focus on the solution not the problem and your life will change, you will see the difference. Here is a quote from Alexander Graham Bell What this power is,I cannot say. All I know is that it exists."
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This article was published on 29.06.2017 by William Lucas
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