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Automated Recruiting Systems Spell the DEATH of Prospecting

Automated Recruiting Systems can solve the top 3 obtacles that Network marketers face with their online recruiting. Finding enough targeted prospects to consistently  fill their pipeline is one of the biggest challenges that confront network marketers.

PROSPECTING can be a MASSIVE time waster! Additionally, it can be incredibly aggravating. Imagine never having to look for potential partners again. Consider the idea: No More PROSPECTING!  You can recruit more members to your team if you can show them an easy way to get consistent leads for their businesss without them having to face rejection, cold calling or trying to convince strangers to join the team.


Problems Solved: 

With Sales Flow Networking by NowSite you get targeted leads in your pipeline.  The Artificial Intelligence
program furnishes you the option of choosing 100 leads per month from a database of 70 billion individual records. You select the criteria for the 100 leads. You choose the industry, age, gender, and even the location of leads you want to receive.

Sales Flow Networking System is powered by Artificial Intelligence with a database of over 70 Billion individual records. The system also provides the tools you need to reach out, engage, follow up with your leads and close more prospects.

The initial contact script is provided so you can make contact via:

  • Email
  • LinkedIn
  • Messenger
  • SMS

You are provided with a follow up sequence and the ability to schedule when that stream of emails will go out.  The system makes organizing your recruiting system easy by providing one place to house all the essential information on your prospect.

Follow UP: The Fortune is in the follow-up

This is where business owners often drop the ball by being too busy or distracted to get back to the contact in a timely fashion.   Sometimes, members of your team do not know what to say.  SalesFlow Networking helps with ready made scripts to send to your new prospects.  The program helps you grow your business by helping you collect and organize contacts in a sequential manner that works best for you and allows an automated customer  follow-up 24/7.

You can reach out and stay in touch with your prospect across several platforms. There is no one medium that delivers the same return on investment,  Use Email, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger or SMS to contact and stay in touch.

Timing is key, and nobody raises their hand simultaneously. Be prepared for your prospect when they are ready to respond by using, the most recent marketing solutions technologies.

The Problem & Power of Duplication 

 The power of duplication is a key factor in succeeding in network marketing. The basic problem with network marketers who have not graduated to full time professional is that there are so many other responsibilities that compete for their time.

It is difficult to train a growing downline in the most efficient ways to perform the day-to-day tasks of running a million dollar business that get the best results.   If everyone needs training in the best practices for the money generating activities of the business, some individuals are not able to participate and learn the processes.  There is a learning curve but the entire training process comes in the form of a SalesFlow 10 -day Challenge  with Computer Nerds that teach your downline exactly what to do to build the organization.

More Prospects More Sales. More Money

But what if you want to get more out of your network marketing efforts? With Unlimited Leads, you can expand your reach and build your network faster than ever. With Unlimited Enhancements, you can get real-time contact info, interests, location, employment, and more.

You'll be able to take a more targeted approach to reaching the right people with Unlimited Enhancements, so you can get the most out of every interaction.

Refer & Earn 

You and your entire downline can use this software to build a huge organization.  You are on the forefront of a seachange in lead generation that you can offer to any entrepreneur.  The game has changed and you can benefit yourself and your entire organization.

Receive 100 prospects for just $49.50 per month. Target by interests, age, location, and more.

Get started before July 15th - Add the Unlimited Leads for Unlimited Businesses for only $37.50/mo. 

To receive the Unlimited Options, you must use the Promo Code Leads. The Price will increase after July 15th to $67.50/mo. Lock  in your rate today!

The Cash Instant Cash Bonuses! Don't Miss This opportunity!

  • NOW - July 7 - $80 Instant Cash Bonus
  • July 8 - 11 - $50 Instant Cash Bonus
  • July 12 - 15 - $30 Instant Cash Bonus

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You are on the brink of the greatest breakthrough of your business career.

With Unlimited Leads 

Find as many new people as you like, and with Unlimited Enhancements, you can get additional information about the people you already know, including their contact information in real time and their interests, whereabouts, and jobs. It's the ideal strategy for advancing your business or profession.

Do not drag your feet on this one. Make sure everyone is aware of SalesFlow. Accumulate Instant Cash Bonuses! For each new customer you refer, you receive $Instant Cash. This program isa gamechanger and a disruptive technology... Do you wish you had gotten on the Uber train , Stripe, Crypto or been invested when they launched?

Don't miss the best offer currently available that can (literally) change your business and at a price you will find no where else guaranteed!

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Here's to your success

Virginia R.Sanders, UPI Coach

P.S.SalesFlow Networking can help any business get more leads.  The database houses over 70 Billion individual records from every industry. 

This article was published on 10.07.2022 by Virginia Sanders
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SalesFlow by Nowsite - Lead generation, 49.5 USD to join

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