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AX Technology Opportunity!



I am posting about AX Technology. A new network marketing company based in the Cryptocurrency Space, that has developed autonomous trading software that always closes trades in Profits! This opportunity allows someone to grow their income portfolio 24/7, retain full control of income, no monthly subscription, and build a team and earn a passive residual income. Make Money and help other's make money is what we do! There is less than 5,000 people in the organization and we are looking for leaders who have the opportunity to make residual income, and passive income. The opportunity is very beginner friendly and I have started and the software is set and forget. Sign up for free here: and also please watch the business overview:  

The company has solidified it's place in the future of Cryptocurrency as we are on the verge of the cryptocurrency boom. More and more financial institutions are understanding the fact the cryptocurrency is more secure against fraudulent attacks and have found many utility examples where cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase goods and services, as well as converting into valued currency such as the dollar. Place yourself in front of the masses by offering a technology that allows trading and maximize growth of cryptocurrency profits. 

How It Starts

It all starts with the purchase of your AX license, which allows you to use the trading software. There is a free license which is free to sign up and try to the software will allow you to profit 40% of each trade and the company will get 60%, The Basic license is $100, and the profit is 50/50. The Pro License is $250, and the profit is 60/40. The Expert License is $500, and the profit is 80/20. The Investor License is $1,000 and the profit is 90/10. The VIP license is $2,000 and the profit is 80/20, and VIP's must have a minimum of $100,000 of capital they wish to trade.  The software once configured, will conduct spot trades which will sell for a profit or buy more coins when the coin lowers in value. The more volatile the market, the better profits are made. To maximize profit per trade, the best license to purchase is the Investor license which is $1,000 or the VIP license which is $2,000 and allows you to profit 90% per each trade and the company get 10% for use of the unique software. 

Building A Team:

Residual Income is also available for those who want to build a binary team. Commissions are paid out to you the moment an individual you sponsor purchases a license. No waiting for the end of the month it's paid immediately! Along with earning commissions for signing up, residual income is earned when hitting various ranks within the organization. This commission can come within anywhere within your downline. The ranks are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Black Diamond. When hitting any of these ranks, AX will give you a monthly residual bonus every month you re-qualify for that rank. When you hit Black Diamond, you will receive $10,000 residual bonus month after month that you qualify. 

Staking AX DAO

Ax Technology also has created their own cryptocurrency called AX Dao. Ax Dao is available for purchase on pancake swap. When an individual purchases and hold at least $100 worth of AX Dao, the trading license is for life, also AX will pay you a dividend every Friday in Bitcoin up to 7% per month! Other coins will pay you for staking in more coins but not in income, this is revolutionary as you can earn another passive income just for staking and holding our AX Dao coin! 


There are many ways to earn income and grow your portfolio and business in AX Technology. The company is wide open for leaders to make life changing income, build residual income, and help others to do the same. Please take some time to review the opportunity in the link above and sign up for Free! Welcome to AX!! 

This article was published on 23.11.2022 by Bryan Nelling
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