My Secret Method to Get More MLM Leads

Today, I want to share my secret method to get more MLM leads.  This is something I’ve done for many years with tremendous success.  

Why I am I sharing this secret method with you? Because I have an abundance mentality and there are plenty of prospects to go around.

What is my secret method to get more MLM leads? Postcards. That’s right. Postcards.

Even in an internet age, direct mail is extremely effective. Here are some simple tips you should know about using postcards to get leads.

# 1 Postcards Are Cheap

When I do online advertising, I normally end up paying 60 cents per click (or more). That really adds up. With postcards, I average about 41 cents per postcard. I pay 2 cents per postcard, 4 cents for leads and 35 cents for postage. That comes up to being 33% cheaper than doing online advertising.

# 2 It’s Simple

Anyone can mail a postcard. Even grandpa. It’s simple. That’s the real beauty of it. Anyone can lick some stamps and mail out 5-10 postcards per day. The key to success in network marketing is to get a lot of people to each do a few things consistently. With postcards, there is no excuse anyone can’t mail 5-10 postcards per day.

# 3 It’s Duplicatable

You need a simple system for your team that is duplicatable. Not everyone can figure out online marketing. Not everyone wants to contact their friends and family. But, anyone can mail a postcard.

Tips for Success

When it comes to using postcards, you should do a few things.

# 1 Send people to a capture page .first Don’t send people to your company’s replicated website. Instead, use a capture page, so you can collect their name and email.

# 2 Don’t say the name of your company . Don’t make the mistake of saying the name of your product or company on the postcard. Why? People will just go to Google and sign up with someone else.  

# 3 Have a return address and photo of you. People want to know you are a real person. That’s why it helps to include your return address and a good photo.  

# 4 Include your phone number and email. You want to provide people multiple ways for people to get in touch with you. Some people will want to call. Others will want to email you. And, some people will just want to visit your website.  

# 5 No fancy graphics. Your message is the most important part of your postcard. Don’t confuse your prospect with a bunch of fancy graphics. Instead, have a powerful headline, a few bullet points and a strong call to action.

# 6 Buy a good mailing list. You need a good mailing list. Make sure it is targeted. Look for an opportunity buyer’s list.

# 7 Mail consistently. You can’t mail postcards one time and achieve much success. Make a minimum one-year commitment that you will mail a set number of postcards every single month.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. This is my secret method to get more MLM Leads. I hope you find the information helpful. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketing professional.   

This article was published on 16.08.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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