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Hello , I am Kristen And I am a Regional Vice President at Primerica . I Love My Job ! When we lost our son in 2019 and seen the hoops we had to jump through to even get any of our insurance money I ran into a old friend who showed me a new lighted pathway . I've never looked back . Making sure families have what they need is my passion . It's not free to grieve I hate to say that but it's factual ! Static Say If a married couple looses a spouse especially  the bread winner less than a year they have lost the house cars , and have to move back in with mom and dad . It's so crazy with the world today we offer something most companies do not ! Contact me today and find out What it is ! Plus I do home , auto insurance  90 day emergency funds . We have endless possibilities on teaching you how to use your money . WE ALSO RECRUIT !!! This month of APRIL first responders sign up for $49.00 ........Everyone else $124.00..Great thing is that money Gets Invested back into you it does not go to Primerica or me ! If I would have known at 20 years old what to do with my money I would be a billionaire now ..Are you Covid protected as in if you catch the Covid and the worse happens is your family going to be able to sustain without you. I never knew I could be so valued in a company as this on . They put the tools right in front of you . I watched my mentor make $12,000 in 2 hours I couldn't believe my eyes .WE have tons of training and you can advance quickly here . They also pay for your license when its time take the test then your bonus money from your first 90 days goes straight into your account . Alot of us we taught to be employees not business owners . It's beat into our head you have to work for someone get married have kids ! That was the American way . Time to change that mindset cause the world is changing quickly . I took this opportunity to help out other parents so they didn't have to go through the ups and downs That we had to go through its hard enough to bury a child . Try Burying your child and still have to go to work the next day you still have bills you still have to maintain just to get through another day . It's very hard if you and you're family are not protected 
This article was published on 08.04.2021 by Kristen Moritz
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