Dollar Deal Biz Matrix

Hi I’m David Gilyeat the owner of Dollar Deal Biz Matrix . This is a basic program scrip where members join for a one time fee of just £10. 

What’s the benefits of joining my 3x10 matrix 

1. We pay out 100% commissions - all funds coming in get paid out to member in the 3x10 matrix and referral bonus.

2. Their is no admin fees - we earn our money the same way our members earn their money , from commissions in the 3x10 matrix program. 

3. Members get 20 banner adds and 20 txt adds to place on our websites - this is to showcase their other business opportunity’s to our members and visitors to our website. 

4. Members do not have to recruit to earn from our matrix program - as we promote our members will get spillover from our efforts and promoting of our program. 

5.  If members promote our matrix and introduce to others as direct members they get a referral bonus for each direct member. 

6. We will also be given members that promote our program random directs from our own efforts. 

7. As we earn we will also use part of our commissions to pay it forward for members to join our matrix program. 

8. As well as targeting members that can recruit we target those that can not recruit in the hope that one day as they earn from spillover they start to post their earnings on their social media to show their friends and family what they have earned from doing very little to nothing. 

9. We have a secondary program that members join when they have their first $36 of commissions this called Appi Travels - Appi Travels is at discount travel portal offering members discounts and free travel at certain levels of the program and it has a 2x2 follow me matrix program attached to it . 

We created dollardealbiz matrix as a stepping stone into Appi Travels as we found some members could not afford the $36 joining fee . 

Members can join via our team link here

Using this link members are placed left to right to fill any blank spaces in the matrix as other members will be promoting their own referral link filling their matrix from left to right. 

This article was published on 06.03.2019 by David Gilyeat
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DollarDeal BizMatrix - 3X10 matrix banner, 13.5 USD to join

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