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Just about five years ago, I was introduced to the concept of saving in gold, and it has been an amazing experience.  At the time that this income opportunity found me, I was coming to a place in my life where I no longer wanted to trade time for money, and I was sitting in a room of my mother's house anticipating my next move in life.

The thing which challenged me was when my senior partner gave me a statistic which stated that over 60% of 20-year plus working, full time Americans did not have $800 in savings!  This was appalling to me; however, I was a part of the statistic.  This statistic made me question myself and what I had been doing for all of my adult working life.  I had nothing to show for my money-traded time!

Well, I put my head down and began sharing a message with others which has now became a Crusade for me and my family!  The message of Gold By The Gram to individuals and families who are typically priced out of having Gold in their financial portfolios changed my life and the lives of those who took action with me.

It really is a simple concept that I wish I had learned as a teenager--Pay Yourself First!

This year, our Cryptocurrency was added to the mix of which we now have two (2) coins.  One is out of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and in production and in the marketplace called KBC.  The other, KCB, is pre-ICO.

To learn more about what Cryptocurrency is and what it means to you, I encourage you to request my eNewletter called, Digital Wealth Producers online at http://www.digitalwealthproducers.com.  It was a labor of love to put it together for those seeking knowledge.

If I could show you a way to earn a PASSIVE WEEKLY INCOME and get free gold, would you be interested in learning how?  If so, consider this...


I'm happy that I accepted the challenge to no longer be a statistic!  This has afforded me the opportunity to increase my financial intelligence!  We have an entire global team of people to connect with and build with!  You're truly not in business by yourself because the only economy that matters is the one in your own household, correct?

Kimberly Nelms
Text:  (678)744-6894

This article was published on 04.12.2018 by Kamayah Israel
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Karatbars International - Free Gold/Cash, Free to join

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