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Losing Weight Is Easy! Being Over Weight Is Dangerous!

Did you know that one in three Americans is obese and two out of three are over weight? It is a well known fact. Isn't it ironic that millions of people in the world die each year from starvation while here in America we throw away enough food to feed all those starving people? What people do not realize is that being obese and/or over weight is really dangerous to your healt, safety, and your life. Many medical research projects have proven again and again that obesity and over weight have serious health effects inasmuch as they make you sick and they even shorten your life. These conditions ( being obese, fat, and over weight) have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, pancreatic and colon cancer, chronic inflamation, bodily toxicity, back, knee, and joint pain, etc. I could go on and on with this list of sicknesses and diseases link to being fat and over weight, but I think that you get the message. So, clearly the answer is that we need to lose weight and maintain a health weight, but how do we do that when eating is such a pleasure? People complain that losing weight is too hard.  In reality, it is not. However, it does take a shift in our attitudes and thoughts, and actions about what and how we eat. The best and quickest way to lose weight is to make a conscious decision to stop eating junk food like fried chips, fries, stop eating tons and tons of carbohydrates and sugary foods like donuts, cakes, pies, etc, stop drinking gallons and gallons of sugary drinks like sodas. Cool aid, punch, etc, and then switch over to more wholesome foods. By wholesome I mean tons and tons of fruits and vegetables. It has been said before that you plates should consist of three fourths fruits and vegetables, one fourth carbohydrates, and one fourth protein. That is not hard to do and you notice that I did not say that you had to give up all the good tasting stuff like sugar and carbs. I only said that you need to cut back heavily on sugar and carbs. If that is too hard for you and you feel that you need some extra help losing weight, I am involved with a company that markets weight loss and health improving products. They are reasonably priced and very effective. The company is called chew the fat off. I invite you to go to my website and check out the products for yourself. Please go to and take a look. Incidentally, this company also offers a business opportunity for free. You pay nothing to sign up for a free website and opportunity where you can earn commissions without ever buying anything. Who ever heard of that? Please go to to check out this business opportunity.

This article was published on 28.07.2016 by Morris Jennings
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