How To Build A Strategy That Will Get You One Signup A Week (or more)

For most MLM business owners, just one signup a week would lead to large improvements and income for them.

One a week is an easy task once you learn how to signup new reps in your MLM company.

So in this business announcement, I want to share with you the ideas to building a strategy that will get you that one signup every week.

The Beginning

First thing you need to do to increase your odds of a signup with every single prospect you meet, is to build your image first.

What I mean by building your image, is to put professional looking photos, logos, and images onto your social media profiles.

Many mess up by not looking like a professional to begin with.

Many people, just from the image they build, are taken more seriously when a prospect first views them, regardless of past success.

This of course leads to you being able to signup more people because they do not prejudge you.

Remember, you only have one chance to make that first impression on your prospects.

Create A Schedule

When can you put time into your business?

When can you make phone calls?

When can you NOT do it, due to a job or responsibility?

It's important next to plan out your schedule for all the types of activities you will be making.

Here are some examples of what you'll need to make time for:

  • Calling prospects
  • Posting for social media
  • Follow ups
  • Working with new team members
  • Creating new content online
  • Prospecting new people on social media

The more you have the things planned out, the more you take advantage of your time.

Many people wastes too much time everyday lost on what to do next. Plan it out, and follow it.

The Strategies

Now you must find ways to get new prospects to become leads.

How do we get them into our team?

Reaching out to new people on social media is one way. Linkedin and Facebook being great sources at finding new people to talk to.

The mistake most make is they do not build a relationship first. They try for a cold signup without even talking to the person before hand.

You can also use genealogy leads, to keep new people on the phone and looking at presentations. I highly recommend using the MLM RECRUIT ON DEMAND system to get leads for life and make the challenge less hard.

Or at least, using some type of paid advertising, to keep new prospects involved.

You need to be looking for ways to get people on a presentation and on the phone. Focus on doing that in your business time, and making it the main focus. Put as much time into that at first and getting one a week will begin to happen more and more, then grow to two or more every week.

Work Even Longer Hours

Now there will be time available for everyone that will be tool ate at night or too early to make calls out to leads.

If you want to get people coming to you, and creating less time for a signup, then you need to be creating new content a lot.

Do not make the mistake of believing you can just do this avenue, without having to do the other. It won't work unless you do the heard part of prospecting and calling.


The content creation will serve as your tool to show others of the success your having, and to make you the authority to be listened to.

It basically intensifies your efforts, and helps to get more prospects involved as they see your progress and want to be part of it.

You should begin writing the content as soon as possible to have more out there, but it will only begin working once you have the image, and the numbers to use in it.

This is network marketing, you must always focus on getting a relationship built with people, before and after the signup for best results.

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This article was published on 25.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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