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4 Simple Steps To Generating 3 To 5 TARGETED Leads Daily On Auto-Pilot!

1. What Problem Does Your Product Or Service Solve?

As a marketer you need to understand the value of your product or service. Most products or services either save time or money, while others offer a specific solution to a specific problem. 

2. Who Is Your Target Audience?

Understand this much, your product or service is NOT for everyone. Your job as a marketer is NOT to convince people to join your business opportunity. Your job is to find people who are already INTERESTED in your solution.

DO NOT waste your time trying to convince a person that MLM is not a pyramid scheme, you will be trying to undo years of programming in just a few minutes.

Take the time to understand exactly who your ideal prospect is and when you have that in mind your marketing message should target that ideal prospect.

3. Where do they hang out?

As human beinsg we like to be around people who are like us, we feel safe, understood and comfortable in such places. As the world has locked down in the past year more and more people are congregating online. 

You can find groups of people in any niche you can think of, this is where you need to start looking for your ideal prospects.

MLM Gateway is a perfect example of this, it is a platform where my target audience "network marketers" congregate.

You will never have to convince a prospect who in actively participating in a group you are targeting about the solution your product or service you offer because they are already in that space,

4. How can you bring them into your world?

You need to surround yourself with your target audience, if you can find them in the groups and bring them into your world then you can start to build a relationship with them, get them to know like and trust you so that you can provide them with the solution to your offer.

There you go 4 simple steps to help you generate unlimited leads on a daily basis, you can go ahead and implement this method manually OR if you want to leverage technology then i invite you to click here to check out this amazing software.

This article was published on 08.08.2021 by Angela Peters
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Coleman Graham Thanks for sharing , is it monthly cost of $ 67.00 each month.  10 months ago
Jarvis Cloud Sr Great tips, thanks for sharing.   12 months ago
Pete Ade Thanks for sharing this great content. Have learnt much from it that I can implement now.  12 months ago

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