The Perfect Match

There are so many opportunities out there, so how do you choose the right one? Well, ask yourself these three questions: What value can you offer that others cannot? Are you genuinely interested in helping people or do you just want to make money? Are you willing to obtain more value so that you will have more value to give? You are probably thinking why you should ask these questions about yourself and not about the opportunity. I definitely understand. Understand that you will be adding to the opportunity not the other way around. You are bringing your special qualities and skillsets to the organization. You are unique! Your uniqueness is the value. You have a unique leadership style that no one else in the organization possesses. This unique leadership style catapults your passion to help to others succeed. That leadership style also means you know success requires self-development and professional development. The perfect opportunity will utilize your uniqueness at its maximum potential. You will use what you have to develop leaders across the country and the world! There is absolutely nothing to stop you and you will accomplish everything you set your focus on! Your uniqueness needs to permeate an opportunity that recognizes the value you bring to the table. Not every opportunity can handle you! You really are too much! Your kind can be somewhat intimidating and the wisest decision you can make is to join an organization in which the leadership exemplifies character (lives what they believe; words about the organization aligns with actions relating to the organization), integrity (they do the right thing by their consultants and their customers), and accountability (measures are in place to gauge completion of steps to reach short- and long-term goals). More importantly, you need a mentor who will be true to you, the organization and the industry. You deserve an upline who will fulfill all obligations the two of you agree on. You deserve an upline who will treat you with dignity and respect. You deserve an upline who will live up to the company’s mission statement. You need an upline who will challenge you and mold you into greatness. Your time has come! Your time is now! Contact me today and schedule one hour of your time to change the course of your life! You will look back a year from now and with a smile on your face, and ecstatically say, “I’m glad I made that call!”

This article was published on 02.02.2018 by Tamara Scott
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Vangie May Tarushikim Laureles wow well stated! This chilled me to the bones. Exactly what I was looking for in network marketing. Not only because of money but with the advocacy of helping and changing people'  1 year ago

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