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Review of the Skinny Body Care Home Biz

Well guys and gals, I gotta tell ya. This home business rocks.

Today I checked my free sign up page that you get when you join the Skinny Body Care offer and I had over 6000 members in my down line in just 5 days! This is all done with their new automated recruitment software. I got an email saying I was eligible for commissions with over 50 members.

What the heck is this all about I pondered. The system recycles once a week and if you decide to become a dealer of Skinny Body Care and be able to collect those commissions you must commit and buy one of their products. This locks in your commissions places all those members under you.

Well I took the plunge and bought one of their power energy bottles for around 50 bucks and became a dealer. What's 50 bucks anyway when it comes to your health! This now makes you eligible to collect those commissions every month as long as you purchase a product and remain a dealer.

I think this is fine and perfectly alright. After all if they don't make money then you are not going to make any money either. They have an amazing product line and an enticing recruitment program that should and will build your team fast. This is what people want today. They want instant gratification and instant results.

So how do I know this? I logged into my Skinny Body Care Back office just 2 hours after I upgraded to a dealer and I found this message on my back office wall.

Congratulations Brent,

All the people in this powerline have visited your website or the website of someone in your team and taken the free tour. When any of them upgrade, YOU and all the Preenrollees above them will receive an email letting you know.

Great job and keep up the great work!

Level     ID     TYPE     Name     Enroller     Date Upgraded
1     3352285     P     kossonou kouabenan p anzoua     Elizabeta Turc     2016-10-08
2     3352286     P     Thyron Beach     Fiona McLean     2016-10-08
3     3352287     P     Maurice Mallett     Oscar Santos     2016-10-08
4     3352288     P     Norma Daniel     Brian Dubs     2016-10-08
5     3352289     P     Ethel Peugeot     Oscar Santos     2016-10-08
6     3352290     P     Cole Davis     Kathleen Atkin     2016-10-08
7     3352291     P     Michkal Young     Sarah Mattingl     2016-10-08
8     3352292     P     Julia Davis     Gemma Scott     2016-10-08
9     3352293     P     Ruth Creo     David Karnes     2016-10-08
10     3352294     P     Deborah Williams     Royal Lohnes     2016-10-08
11     3352295     P     Tolulope Ajewole     Christopher Mc     2016-10-08
12     3352296     P     huma B     Holmfridur Gud     2016-10-08
13     3352297     P     Camille Joefield     Kent Isakson     2016-10-08
14     3352298     P     Joe Feldman     Linda Rabe     2016-10-08
15     3352299     P     bethany Vavzincak     gary shores     2016-10-08
16     3352300     P     pauline mc govern     alison thomas     2016-10-08
17     3352301     P     joshua Sanders     Linda Rabe     2016-10-08
18     3352302     P     Dawn Green     Ian French     2016-10-08
19     3352303     P     leroy turner     Daniel Blomste     2016-10-08
20     3352304     P     carol stone     Madelain Dykes     2016-10-08
21     3352305     P     keke Winn     adrian ramsey     2016-10-08
22     3352307     P     nasimul choudhury     Rodney Stokes     2016-10-08
23     3352308     P     Carol Lawton     Angela Holmes     2016-10-08
24     3352309     P     Don Gay     Alonso Alonso     2016-10-08
25     3352311     P     jason roman     Levi Spann     2016-10-08
26     3352312     P     Tylan Wilson     Loretta Helson     2016-10-08
27     3352313     P     joe hard     Bob Riddell     2016-10-08
28     3352314     P     faith hallinean     Latisha Snider     2016-10-08
29     3352315     P     Alexus Owens     Charles Gray     2016-10-08
30     3352316     P     Marilyn Willoughby     paula mcrae     2016-10-08
31     3352318     P     Sue Eddleman     Mitch Romero     2016-10-08
32     3352319     P     Laura Pass     Karen Creasey

There are over 6000 people on this list so I can't paste them all in here but the amazing thing I am trying to convey is I didn't recruit one of them! The automated Skinny Body Care system recruited them for me! I am known as the King of MLM traffic. Wait until I start recruiting,  my team will go to Mars!

The most amazing thing is as long as you stay a dealer and that means buying one of their products every month you will get more and more people added to your down line who are taking the free tour. If any one of them decides he or she want's to commit and become a dealer of Skinny Body Care by buying one of their products you will make money of that purchase.

As long as they stay  dealer you will be making a commission. And your list of potential future buyers will be growing larger and larger every day! The potential to make a rather significant income is there. Take the plunge and the free training and promote this business through the proper advertising channels and you will prosper.

Join my Team here and try the Skinny Body Care home business for free. This will blow your mind!


I don't want to get off subject but I have some great free and paid advertising programs at my advertising site.


Brent ( the King of MLM traffic )

This article was published on 14.10.2016 by King Of Traffic
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