What is EasyCash4ads?

EasyCash4ads is a very unique opportunity that for the most part has gone under the radar in the online business world. The best way I can describe it is that of being a referral duplication program which in addition offers a lot of productive value as well. 

Let me explain. 

When you sign up for EasyCash4ads, You pay 2 separate fees, $9 for admin and maintenance of the website that offers the program, and $10 that would go directly to the QUALIFIED sponsor (referral) in the program. When you first sign up, the first 2 people that you get to sign up under you gets passed up to your sponsor. Afterwards, the 3rd person that you get to sign up goes directly under you, which allows you to become their sponsor and get their first 2 sign ups. After you get the first 2 sign ups, you loose that person so that he can start up his own leg but get two more people. At this point you have gotten $30 paid directly to you which means YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE YOUR MONEY BACK FROM THE $19 YOU PAID FOR THE PROGRAM. Continuing on, now you got 2 people directly under you, and you will get paid for their first 2 sign ups which would be an additional $40 paid to you bringing up your total to 4 people (remember, you lose the other 2 people once you get their 2 sign ups). 2 under each of the 4 people would equal 8, 2 under the 8 equals 16, and so on. By now you should get the idea. If this all sounds confusing for you, then please go and watch the video on my profile page or at the link provided at the end of this business announcement. 

What Value Does EasyCash4ads offer for $19 besides the signups? 

First, you get ad exposure for any business that you promote online. If you are familiar with Traffic Exchange Co-op sites, what they do is that when you log into your account, before taking you there they offer a 15-30 second window of a website sharing another person's business opportunity, offer, squeeze page, etc. That person usually has to buy that spot with Co-op credits given to them by the site administrator. What makes EasyCash4ads different is that you don't have to pay ANYTHING other then the $19 to get started and you can promote YOUR site to everyone that signs up under you (which doesn't get passed up to your sponsor) for 2 weeks, AND the first 2 people they sponsor, the first 2 people they sponsor, and  so on. 

Next, they give you online digital products that has already been configured to sell through your PayPal account (or whatever other payment method  you choose). 

In addition, you get a ton of training on how to get referrals for EasyCash4ads and promote the program, not to mention some of the funniest Capture Pages that you will ever find on the internet. 

To view these capture pages click here

Trust me when I tell you that you will be paying A LOT MORE THAN $19 to promote your site in a Traffic exchange Co-op, and all of the digital products that is currently offered in their Monthly Product vault with new ones added every month. 

Because of these reasons, I can argue that EasyCash4ads is NOT a cash gifting program or a program that just signs up people and offers no value in return. 

So in conclusion, I find that EasyCash4ads is one of the few (if not the only) program that I have found so far that offers an opportunity for you to get continual RESIDUAL INCOME once you sign up 3 people. 

Click here to view the complete video overview, and if you see the same value in the program that I do, then I would encourage you to sign up and get started today. 

To your success, Robert

This article was published on 28.08.2017 by Robert Mcknight
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EasyCash4ads - Referral Duplication, 19 USD to join

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