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We are now more connected to each other and to the world via the internet thanks to our Smartphones. Think of all of the ways you use yours. In fact, how many times do you look at your Smartphone throughout the day? And, if you are like most, you have an app for almost all of your needs. You may have even scanned a Quick Response Code to download most of those Apps.

QR Codes are becoming the norm. There is no more need to type with a Smartphone. Users just scan and tap! They are beginning to appear more often than not because of the simple convenience they offer the Smartphone user.

What are QR Codes or Quick Response Codes?

QR Code

This is a picture of my live QR Code for the FREE Virtual Business Card that I’m offering, courtesy of myself and the ICANetwork.

Any Smartphone user can scan this code, and then press enter and they are immediately taken to my website to create their FREE Virtual Business Card.

It’s fast and simple to create your card. Just enter your information and as soon as you hit submit it will appear on the next page. You will also receive your QR Code in whatever email address you provide. (And, that address is never shared)

You can then share your Virtual Business Card/QR Code with other smartphone users. And since you make your QR Code any size, you can even print your QR code directly on to your physical business cards so that all your contact needs to do is scan the QR code and save your info to their phone!

You’ll also find some information on how to market and distribute your Quick Response Code on that next page. Be sure to check out our “Go Viral “tools on that page too!

There are also 2 more FREE QR Codes that you can also get while you are there. The most common used is the URL QR Code. You can take your Smartphone user to your website or blog. You are only limited to your imagination with this one.

This is another favorite with a business, a phone number QR Code. The user scans the code; this loads your business phone number on to their phone The next time they want to call your business all they have to do is tap and your phone rings.

So, as you can see, all 3 of these QR Codes could be useful to your customer and a convenience they would use and appreciate. This technology is now and you can jump ahead of your competitor and it will you cost nothing. 

What’s the catch? There is none. Once you see how easy it is to make yours, you will wonder why anyone is charging a small business to make one.

Your FREE Virtual Business Card


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“We are the only company in the world that does what we do!”

This article was published on 02.10.2016 by Micky Gramlin
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