Peer to peer direct funding

Opportunity was set up by an American about 4 or so Months ago. It is about a week old in Nigeria. You have ground floor opportunity to be one of the first in it. Note:

1. Not an MLM so no recruiting beyond your 5.

2. Payments are straight into your account. The system does not have an account and do not collect money from anyone.

3. No completion of matrix, no leg balancing, no product sales.

4. It is just the old fashioned contribution or thrifting system upgraded to a point that it benefits all.

To come into the business you need 5persons who can donate $20(N7400@370 pa $).. and that is all you need to come into the bizness ever . You can't register more than 5person... if u do get more person u need use them to help ur first 5person to move.... u can decide to stop at this stage 1..and just collect your N37000

Stage 2... You click upgrade from ur back office and the system will assign u to someone already on stage 2. 

You pay N14,800 to him and the person will upgrade u. Then u are in stage 2. while in stage 2, 25person who are moving from stage 1 to 2 will be assign to u to pay N14,800 each and u have a total of N370000. u can decide to stop here or u continue to nxt stage

 At stage 3.

You upgrade to stage 3 after you have been paid fully by 25 persons, the system will also assign to u someone already in stage 3 for u to pay to N22,200 the person will upgrade u to stage 3... while on stage 3, the system will assign 125 pple coming from stage 2 to pay u N22,200... do d maths... u can decide to quit or continue to stage 4 to 10...

 Pls note the system gives u 48hrs to pay to whom ever u are assign to.. failure to do that the system will block your acct for ever the people u bring in will continue.. there is no risk involve is just peering and paying to each other

 And the more people we have getting into the club, the quicker the pot gets full to be taken home. 

   The platform was put together by an American some 5 months ago which is now growing into several countries and has just landed in Nigeria. Luckily, we are one of the first to take advantage of the platform and for everyone to win, we have adapted it to allow even the "weak" in referal to be able to also cash out.

 *Crowd Rising Mega Bank Account*

It's another excellent opportunity for you to expand your charitable heart..                                                

Do you know you can extend a helping hand and become financially fearless??

Do you wish to establish a new business?                          

Do you want to complete a house project or build a new one?

Family vacation abroad? etc

If yes, then you need to DONATE & GET LARGER DONATIONS.                             

This is how it works.

A total of 10 levels or grades. 


When you Donate N7,400 as a beginner 

You qualify 

To received Donations

From 5 people 

=N37,000 (thirty seven thousand naira) Your first earning. 



#14,800 as your donation to qualify you for level two And #2,200 admin charges

You get the remaining 

#20,000 as first alert. 

Grade 1 B

When you Donate #44,400 as a leader

You do the same thing in grade 1 A. But u receive 

#20,000 X 6. 

Because you started with 6 accounts, instead of one. 

So whatever the person who came in with #7,400 receives, you receive 6 times at every level, if you start with #44,400 

Hope you are following so far?

This article was published on 13.09.2016 by Grace Tattari
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Olu John Lte me know more about this program.Can i have your mobile no, here is mine 0803934809,you can as well reach me via this  3 years ago

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