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Hey Everyone,

Are you someone who is looking to start an online Business but doesn't know where to start? Have you already got an online Business that you would like to grow? Or are you just interested in Making Money Online?

If you answered yes to any of these then come join our FREE program.  The company I work with offers people 15-days of free training where we teach you all the fundamentals of online marketing. You can check-out our CEO explaining our system in a video by clicking the link below:

Watch our CEO Dave describe our free Training

We teach you how to generate leads, how to email market, how to advertise, how to scale your business, and we tackle the most important issue which is mindset!!

You won't just be working with instructional videos, you'll be working with real people.  We set you up with a Business Adviser who you'll work with through Skype, they will create a personalized Business plan just for you.

We'll teach you the best types of Businesses to work with, and we'll even set you up with products to market if you wish.  Our program is fully integrated with Clickfunnels and several Autoresponders.

So, what's in it for us? We think you'll be so impressed after 15-days that you'll want to work with our Adviser full time.  If you do, you can for only $30/month after the FREE 15-days.

Once you complete our 15-days training, you can even apply to become an Affiliate with our company.  You will only have to pay $30 per month to be an Affiliate with our company and you can earn commissions on all our products. Our commission structure works like this:

  • Your Referral joins our $30/month Marketer's club  - You earn $18/month
  • They buy Clickfunnels - You earn $40/month and $5/month for every person who they refer
  • They buy Aweber - You earn $5/month
  • They buy our Business Blueprints - You earn $1000
  • They join our Marketer Mastermind Event - You earn $3200
  • They join our Entrepreneur Mastermind Event - You earn $4800

You do not need to own any of these products to earn commissions on them. You only need to pay $30/month to earn all these commissions with us. Your only job as an Affiliate is Lead Generation.  You only need to get people to join our FREE 15-day Business challenge and then you will be paid a full commission on any sales for the lifetime of that customer.  All funnels are provided.  All selling is done for you by a professional team that contacts your prospects by phone.

This is not a Network Marketing company. This company is something new. We are an online college. Our goal is to replace physical colleges as the go-to place to educate yourself on Marketing and how to start/grow an online Business. We want to change the world and you can join us now at the beginning of our journey.

Our courses offer comprehensive training that takes marketers and entrepreneurs from beginners to pros. We offer extensive courses on Digital Product creation, Affiliate Marketing, Event Creation and Management, Coaching and Consulting, and Advertising on all major platforms. We run events all year long where the top Marketer's and Entrepreneurs come together and share cutting edge techniques, we'll bring in industry specialist speakers to educate you.  

Our Business Advisers have already made millions of dollars online, you get to work with them for FREE when you join, and for only $30/month after that.  You can arrange a call with our Advisers at any time.  To work with an adviser this experienced would usually cost between $500 and $1000 per hour. 

We don't just provide you with a Business Adviser, you can also work with our Tax Adviser, our LLC Adviser, or hire one of our Marketing professionals as your head of marketing.  We have a full support team on standby to answer your questions at any time.  

We have a professional and trained sales team to close sales for you, and they will close sales for you because their commission depends on it.  Matt, our director of education does live training twice a week.  Several of our Advisers do morning training every Monday to Thursday live on Facebook during our Morning calls. On Friday our Adviser Andrew hosts our free coaching Friday where you can send your questions and he will answer them live on Facebook.

And then there's our CEO, Dave.  He is truly a visionary person, with the goal and the belief that he can replace colleges as the go to place for Marketers, and Entrepreneurs.  This man has made $200 million in sales in just over 8 years. Someday he will be talked about in the same light as Steve Jobs.

At this point, you're probably wondering what the catch is? There really is none.  We want you to come work with us.  We'll earn when you pay $30.  We'll earn when you refer people who pay $30.  We know that you'll eventually start making a lot of money with us and you'll want to improve your training or attend our events, and then we'll make more money.  That's our Business model, get you earning money so that you'll pay us to educate you even more.

Finally, let's get real.  Don't join if you are just looking to get-rich-quick. Don't join if you aren't interested in learning. Don't join if you aren't interested in representing our company with integrity. Don't join if you aren't interested in progressing your education. Don't join if you don't believe in providing value to people and treating them well, because you won't get accepted to our Affiliate program.

So, here's the link, it's FREE to join, you don't even have to provide a credit card.  You never have to pay anything with us and you'll never be asked to pay anything, it will only ever be your choice. So you've got nothing to lose.  Click the link below, fill out the form, check out our back office, and watch the introductory video from Dave.  Be prepared to be blown away :)

Join the 15-Day Challenge Now

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside, remember you can contact me with questions at any time.

It's your time :)


This article was published on 01.02.2019 by Barry Masterson
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