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#LOVELIFELEADERSHIP – I have been involved in the network marketing industry for over25 years. I’ve been involved in a few great companies! I learned many, many great lessons along the way. What I believe to be the greatest lesson is that being an entrepreneur is the way to go. It’s the American dream. Our country was founded on dreamers. Our ancestors dreamed of a better life and opportunity for their families. They knew with hard work and tenacity they could achieve those dreams of their hearts.  Isn’t that what we as networkers are doing; we’re paving a way, doing what others won’t do because in our hearts we have a dream? We know what we’re doing matters! We know that we can change lives.  We also know that once we get money out of the way we can live our purpose. How many of you have a purpose? Maybe you want to open an orphanage, or maybe you want a huge homestead, maybe you want to give back to your community? I know at the very least we all understand and want to know; we never have to be buzzed awake by the dang alarm clock ever again!

    Did you know that Warren Buffet said the two things you need for success is #1 GET OUT OF DEBT, #2 INVEST IN YOURSELF (mind)! Your business will grow as you grow, has anyone ever shared that with you? Have your business partners or mentors ever taught you that in order to grow financially you need to grow mentally, emotionally, etc.  Well that’s what LIFE Leadership is all about. We pay you to read great books that will enhance your business skills, your personal skills, and we pay you to listen to great CD’s that help you build your business better and stronger, we pay you to associate with like minded business owners, these are those owners that have a positive outlook and a plan of where they are going, these are the ones that will build you up; and build your dream up with you. We all know that we are the average of who we associate with. So why not associate with someone who is going somewhere and get paid to do that. The ability to grow in your company and reach higher ranks is invaluable to your business but the best part is getting paid to read, listen, and associate! Here comes the BEST part of the whole company; as I mentioned before 25 years in this industry and I make 300% more than I ever have! It’s true now I won’t mention any companies in particular but I’ve been in my fair share and I have never made this kind of money as I do with LIFE Leadership. Let me give you an example with LIFE leadership it takes only 14 team members reading, listening, and associating to make about $300.00 to $350.00 a month. Right! That’s hardly anyone at all. Look at this -  when you have 50 team members reading, listening and associating you will make $1250.00 and that’s just your bonus that’s not your commission even added in!  But what happens if you’re a big builder; you’re a leader, you have 240 people reading, listening, and associating you’re now making $4200.00 a month and that’s still only your bonus that’s still not your commission added in yet.  That total would be between $6000.00 - $8000.00 a month!!!  Of course the more your business grows the more your paycheck grows.  But wait there's more!  Oh it gets better, that’s not all! These 240 team members I talk about well of this whole group you may have only personally enrolled a few of these folks; let me explain! LIFE Leadership uses an amazing “TEAM APPROACH” to building our businesses. So you’re never ever building your business alone. You always are building your teams together. So why not connect with me and let’s get you that 300% raise in addition to what you’re already doing!!  I mean what could be better building together and a 300% pay raise!  #lovelifeleadership

This article was published on 01.03.2016 by Andrea Robinson
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