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To grow your down line on all platforms takes a little bit of time It won’t happen overnight. I also had to put in +-1 to 2 hours a day to grow my network. I currently average 3-4 signups a day. Please note the you don’t have to spend even 1 dollar on MLM Gateway this is a platform you need to use strategically. The good news is you should be getting good results in 3 to 4 weeks time. Below is the steps that I followed, 1. Join MLM or Make Money online groups on facebook join 5 to 10 different groups this will be good enough to start off with. 2. On MLM Gateway you use your credits for 2x functions. One is to advertise for My24HourIncome(or your own program) and two is to message someone on the “Members list” to introduce them to My24Hour Income(or your own program). 3. You automatically get 5 credits because I referred you to MLM Gateway. When you log into MLM you will automatically go onto the “Dashboard” page. On this page you will see on the right hand side there is a block giving you tips. You can do three things to get more credits. Click on the block saying “Get your referral link” Join their referral program its free and use your referral code and promote it on Facebook. By doing this you will get 10 credits every time you refer someone to MLM Gateway. When getting this credits you can use it for Step No.2 above. Secondly you can share your referral link on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Linkdin and get a once off 10 credits. 4. Now the third way to earn credits on MLM Gateway is to make a “Business Announcement” You can go click on “Business Announcement” and follow the instructions. For every announcement you get 5 credits. (I mention this but since I started I have only made 1 announcement maybe you are good with this then it will be easy 5 credits to make) 5. RECRUITING FOR My24HourIncome : So you might have noticed that with a little bit of effort we earn our credits on MLM so that we can advertise My24 and to personally message people on MLM to why it is good for them to join My24. The other way you can recruit for free is as follow: When you in the “Dashboard” page click on “Recruit”… Here you can recruit members for My24. You don’t see them because they are not part of you “connections” yet. You can browse through the people there and see what their interests are and from where they are from. If you see someone that you think you might be able to convince to join My24 “select” the person then MLM will send them your proposal. You can do +-10 of them per day but MLM will also tell you to slow down of you choose to many. After the proposal was sent you wait to see who contacts you then the ball is in your hands to try and convince them to Join My24 or your other programs. 6. WHAT TO DO ON FACEBOOK: On Facebook Groups you will now promote your MLM Gateway Referral link. (You can also promote it on Google and FutureNET if you have.) Use the MLM banners and promote it on your timeline and in groups. You need to do this daily remember this is your fuel in credits to advertise and to recruit on MLM Gateway. The good thing on your MLM referrals is that you will also earn money from MLM Gateway if the people you referred starts to purchase products on MLM Gateway. So now you will earn money on MLM Gateway. They pay commsions up to 50% 7. ADVERTISE ON MLM GATEWAY: When you are logged in click on “Advertising”…. Select then to create a new campaign. Follow the instructions and add a banner and your My24 landing page in the URL: When this is done you wil see that there is a “CPC” credits paid per click… It basically means that when someone clicks on you add they will deduct it from your credits. So you decide how much you want them to advertise if you put more CPC they will advertise it more but the result is they deduct more if someone click on your add. I usually put my CPC on 2 and get fair results. I would recommend you first make sure you have enough credits before you start placing your add. Well Dean this is basically what I am doing when using MLMgateway. If you manage to get a quick start with MLM Gateway and earn commissions you can always use that earnings to fuel My24HourIncome. They start with $5 share positions which are very affordable and profitable it’s up to you how you will start to invest. But okay you got your work cut out now feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We can look at other working opportunities as soon as you are comfortable with the above. Best Regards, nadia khan

This article was published on 21.11.2016 by Nadia Khan
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