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I am looking for Partners in building a distribution model using dietary supplements as the main product. The Company that supplies my vitamin supplement is Avisae.

The Product is SUSTAIN ANTI-AGING Formula; I have had fantastic results from using this product for right at five years now!

The results confirmed on my blood test show that with taking just one pill a day my vitamins and minerals levels have been in the proper ranges.

My reason for wanting to build a business model based on personal consumption; is to have recurring sales every month and the revenue that comes to from this model will be stable. 

The model requires an exceptional product that has proven itself to be effective at doing what it claims. People that are getting their needs taken care of will continue buying the product.

Avisae has proven to be an excellent company to promote and to build this type of distribution model. All of the Avisae products that I have used over the years are awesome!

The products are always in pristine condition when they arrive at your doorstep, and we have never received the wrong order. That is a testimony to the quality of the staff that is working for Avisae.

On the business end of Avisae and how they pay their associates, or IBO's has always been fair and correct. The rules for moving anyone in the organization is stringent and adhered to by the company. 

This strict policy is something that is very important to people who are concerned with building a business vulnerable to this behavior.

The perfect win-win situation is when people get a product that delivers the results expected from the advertisement, and the revenue stream from the sales produces an income that makes you proud. 

With all the people online it is possible to build this type of business and not rely on knowing the right people in your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances.

Finding the right team takes more than just talking to as many people as you can and sign up everyone that says yes!

The mentality that I am looking for is people who want to sponsor someone and see them through to success. Not to do the work for them, but focus on training before sales.

We all want to make money; after all, that is why we want to have a business! 

My belief is that money will come when the customer is satisfied with the purchase of the product. In this distribution model, the customer must be completely committed and sold on the product and company to build something that will last. 

Please browse SEEZ-IT.COM for more information on my story, and the effects that the Avisae products have on me. 

Email me at chadltrader@seez-it.com or call (832)-443-1979 to discuss proceeding with a plan. 

This article was published on 11.03.2019 by Chad Trader
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