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To celebrate the launch of Wealtheo, we created a special limited-time bonus pool called, “The Founders Bonus”.

Right now is the one and only time that this special bonus is available and it will never be offered to Consultants again.

Once you enroll as a Consultant (before 11:59 PM CST on March 7th), you then have six full months to reach the rank of Sales Manager to lock in your one share of the Founder’s Bonus pool.

How much is one share in the bonus pool worth every month?

We will set aside 1% of all commissionable revenue every month and share among those who have qualified for the Founders Bonus Pool.

The value of each share will depend on the commissionable revenue generated. But one share could become very lucrative as we grow, add new products, courses, and launch into new markets...

For an example on earnings and to learn more, please refer to the Founders Bonus PDF.

Want to lock in your qualification?

Reply back and let us know or click here!

P.S. here is an example:

How To Earn 1 Share In The Founders Bonus Pool

The Founders Bonus Pool is available to only those who enroll as Consultants during the upgrade period (March 1, 2021 - March 7, 2021). This is a one-time bonus pool and will never be made available again.

How the bonus pool is calculated:

Wealtheo sets aside 1% of all commissionable revenue each month to go into the Founders Bonus Pool. (Commissionable revenue is all revenue generated from product sales, subscription sales, and Consultant package sales.)


Example 1: Wealtheo generates $2,000,000.00 in commissionable revenue in August 2021. 1% of $2,000,000.00 is $20,000.00. There are 20 Consultants who qualified and each has 1 share in the bonus pool. Each Consultant would receive a $1,000.00 bonus in September.

Example 2: Wealtheo generates $10,000,000.00 in commissionable revenue in February 2022. 1% of $10,000,000.00 is $100,000.00. The same 20 Consultants who qualified each has 1share in the bonus pool. Each Consultant would receive a $5,000.00 bonus in March.

So what is holding you back? Take action!

This article was published on 06.03.2021 by Etched Legacy
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