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Have you had enough with this broken financial system yet?

We are living in interesting times, aren't we? 

I gotta' be honest... if you'd asked me, even 10 years ago, if I'd be alive to see how things are transpiring on planet Earth, today? "Not in my lifetime... not like this anyway."

So here we are. Every landscape we've ever been familiar with has changed. Here's the thing though... Opportunity exists in EVERY economic climate. Think about it... think about all of the major corporations that found a stride that lead to exponential growth during The Great Depression. 

How is that? How is it when the populous is struggling and suffering that others are going outside the norm, breaking barriers and creating something on a pallet that looks dismal, at best?

It's simple... BELIEF! That's it. The reason anyone succeeds at anything is, in most cases, because they believe they can. When you combine belief with with a bit of insight and creative thought, you set yourself up to win.

I am aware of those "success" stories where someone who struggled to believe that their vision could come to fruition came to fruition anyway... but there's a reason why, despite their doubts, that they still won... it's because the didn't quit. At some point, they started believing and that belief brought about growth!

Case in point. Taking into consideration that we are living in INTERESTING times, let's consider some of the possible challenges that could arise for various social groups within our ecosystem. What would happen to people, should the current healthcare system not be available to everyone, anymore, who no longer had access? What would they do to take care of themselves?

That depends 100% on the person and their BELIEFS! Are they totally dependant on the system or have they been proactive in preparing for what "could be?" Every element of life is about preparation. The challenge is that many fail to prepare.

Those who pay attention and prepare are the same who are poised to STRIKE when the iron becomes hot. They will be the ones panning for cold in the frozen Tundra while everyone else seeks warmth and shelter. They operate outside the bounds of fear and trepidation. The have done what's necessary to become indpendent of the system before the system collapses. 

They have prepared themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and FINANCIALLY. They have lost weight, if necessary. They have made intermittent fasting part of their daily life so they aren't hungry all the time and, if need be, could miss meals and not be phased by it. If they have a form of diabetes that can be remedied through diet and exercise they have done the work. They have saved money, bartered, traded, stored up and did what they had to do to be a BLESSING to others during challenging times.

If they smoke, drink or use recreational substances, they have stopped BEFORE stopping is a HUGE problem for them.

What have you done to prepare? Are you setting yourself up for success or throwing wishes into the wind, hoping that things will just remain the same?

If you're reading this right now and are anything like me, one who will NEVER quit or ever say die... or if you realize you need to take action, here's a suggestion, do with it what you will.

In the book of Proverbs it says "Where there is no vision, a people will perish." 

I have a vision, do you? If not (and if it's okay) I'd like to share my vision with you, without cost or obligation. My goal is to share this vision with as many people as I can because when you can show others how to get results, everyone wins!

Here's the plan of action... 

Have a great day!

Results Matter, Come Get Some!

This article was published on 31.01.2024 by Rex Harris
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