The Law Of Attraction & How It Works.

Did you know that there are laws that govern this universe in which you and I live?

You might have heard of the law of gravity in simple terms it states that if you fall of a building you will hit the ground.

It doesn`t matter if you are a good or bad person, If you BELIEVE in the law or not. You don`t even need to understand the law in order to be affected by it.

The law works the same for everyone. It is a fair and just law.

I remember learning about the law of gravity back in my school days, however I do not remember learning about any other laws.

I have since come to learn that the law of gravity is just one of the many laws of the universe. 

These are some of the laws i have come across and strongly believe in.

  1. The law of karma
  2. The law of cause and effect
  3. The law of attraction
I first came across the law of attraction when i was introduced to The Secret in 2011, and my life has never been the same again.

Suddenly things begun to make sense for me, i could see the evidence of it all around me.

However there was one big problem I always had, I understood how the law worked but could never bring myself to fully utilize the law consistently.

By following teachers like Abraham Hicks and Bob Proctor I have finally come to understand that the law of attraction is all about vibrations.

EVERYTHING is energy, energy is always vibrating at a frequency. We attract that which we are in vibration harmony with.

The law of attraction begins with our thoughts, our thoughts are energy and vibrate at a certain frequency. It is important for you to ALWAYS focus your thoughts on thinking about the things you want as if they have already happened.

This is where most people go wrong because most people offer their thought in reaction to what they are observing.

They are looking at the things they do not want and FEELING bad about what they do not want and by some miracle are expecting to get what they want.

It is one of the hardest thing to do, to be able to think about the things you DO want when you are living in the exact opposite situation.

Research show us that we have more than 70,000 thoughts going through our heads, so it is impossible to keep track of our thoughts.

Fortunately for us there is a better way, our FEELINGS are our emotional guidance system, they let us know what we are thinking.

So the goal is to raise our vibrations by doing the things that make us feel good and when we are feeling good we are in vibrational alignment with what we want to attract. 

We have to be able to see ourselves as having already achieved our goals.

And then come out of that state and be grateful for the things we already have and the things that are on their way to us.

You have to be patient and persistent, there is a time period between asking for what we want and it appearing in our life. Just like there is a time period between conception and birth, planting seeds and harvesting.

This article was published on 27.05.2021 by Angela Peters
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