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3 Reasons Why Copying Experts Will Kill Your Email Marketing

I read lots of marketing articles, watch videos and attend loads of webinars.

Not because I think I'm going to find the next magic bullet technique that is guaranteed to stuff my bank account with so much cash the bank will shut me down because they can't hold any more of my money.

It's mostly because I want to keep up with the latest crap that's being shoveled all over the Internet. Staying on top of things is critical so I can show you, my future hero of internet marketing fame, what to avoid.

Here's a case in point.

This article I'm referring to is called 13 Things to Start, Stop & Keep Doing With Your Email Marketing in 2017. There are so many of them that I've got to divide this into 3 or 4 emails just to cover the entire mess.

It's a really big mess.

Here goes...

#1. Send emails to lists that want to hear from you

Well Thank-YOU, Captain Obvious! What a brilliant idea! Why doesn't everyone do this?

Here's the deal... If someone is on your email list, haven't they told you (by subscribing) that they want to hear from you? If they don't want to hear from you, can't they simply hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every one of your emails?

Yes and Yes.

So what should you do? Yep, you got it. Keep mailing them all the time until they decide they no longer want your emails and unsubscribe.

#2. Have a goal for each email before you press “send.”

Why yes, of course. If you don't have a goal, how will you reach it?


You email your list because they are your peeps. They're your friends, and you love to talk to them about a subject you're both interested in. They love to hear from you, or they wouldn't be on your list. So email 'em up every day. They'll love you for it.

Of course what the writer of the article is referring to is goals that only interest you and may or may not interest your subscriber. Do you want them to read a blog, watch a video or fill out a survey? Can you twist their arm into buying something? Will your email help you reach your financial goals?

None of this is of any interest whatsoever to your subscribers. Offer them entertaining emails that talk about what they're interested in, and the rest of that stuff will take care of itself.

#3. Personalize and test your emails

This one you may do with what you wish.

Personalizing emails may get more of them opened, and it may not. Test your emails? In this case, you'll be testing your personalization.

I say "Why bother?"

The next time you're going through your email, be conscious of what you're thinking. If you're like me, you are looking for Who sent the email, not What the subject is.

The fact is, you're far more interested in hearing from a friend, no matter what that friend has to say, than you are in hearing from some jackball marketer who's only goal is to extract money from your wallet and put it into his.

Contrary to popular belief, the subject line is NOT the most important part of an email. The most important is the From line. You want your subscribers to be waiting for your emails because they're so much fun to read. You're entertaining them with stories and examples of what they're interested in.

If your emails are doing those things, your readers will be looking for your name, and won't really mind what your subject line says.

Of course you still want to make those subjects interesting, but if the person getting your email isn't dying to hear from you, the subject line is unlikely to jolt them into opening and reading the email.

There you have them. The first 3 points for writing killer emails.

Would you believe there are 10 more?

Be on the lookout for my next article where I'll go through a few more.

Until then, slide on over here and get your very own MMPro Email Autoresponder, with complete step-by-step instructions on how to set the whole thing up so you can dominate your market. It's part of our Online Marketing Command Center.

Then stop in and visit us here on MLM Gateway

And always remember to Venture Boldly.

This article was published on 15.02.2017 by Dave Kotecki
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