Did Your Currency Tumble with Brexit?

Here in the United Kingdom we saw the £pound take a hammering against other currencies following the result of the referendum which was for the Country to break free of the European Union. Shares in many companies also fell dramatically so the value of people's wealth diminished overnight as The City came to terms with the announcement.

Perhaps you were one of the shareholders who lost some of your wealth but may I ask what precautions you have taken to secure your remaining wealth. Indeed many financial experts are predicting we are on the edge of another Global Recession which will show the 2008 Recession as a small scale downturn. Many people lost businesses, homes and even marriages as a result of the 2008 crash.

Personally I lost all three of these following 2008. My property developing business suffered extreme losses as the value of my holdings crashed. Imagine having one particular development site valued at £1.2 million and then being offered £40,000 - what an insult and thankfully I was able to refuse that offer. Then with the good life gone and despite having taken marriage vows to remain through good and bad my marriage ended when luxuries could not be bought and vacations to warmer climates stopped. Then we all know what happens after a marriage breakup - yes the breakup of assets regardless of how long in the family so the home I came to as a new born baby had to be sold.

The real unfortunate thing is that I was ignorant of what Governments and wealthy families do to preserve wealth for the future and had I know their secret I would have survived all three of the above. I often had heard of gold being a good investment but had never given it any thought really as I assumed large amounts had to be acquired which would be beyond my means. So how could gold have protected me? Well had I acquired gold to half the value of my property portfolio as property prices tumbled the price of pure gold doubled in the recession so one would have cancelled out the other so to speak.

Karatbars Pure GoldBut now I know that everyone has the opportunity to acquire pure goldin ingots as small as one gram, which is certified by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), DNA proofed and heat sealed into a plastic card the same size as a credit/debit card. Of course larger sized ingots are also available and certified the same as the small one gram. The gold can then be held in a secure vault in your name or alternatively you may have it delivered straight to your door by Fedex. Now I have a gold savings plan and every month exchange some of my devaluing currency for 5 grams of pure gold. This may not seem like a lot but I know that in 10 years or indeed in 50 years that 5 grams of pure gold will buy the same and possibly more than it could buy in a store today.

My advice to everyone is to start acquiring even one gram of pure gold each month in a savings plan so in a time of crisis if currencies plummeted you can use the gold to buy every day essentials. Hopefully this would never happen so then the gold is a safer option for retirement plans or to leave a legacy to your family. Please click here to learn more about pure gold.

This article was published on 29.06.2016 by Wilson Cowden
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