My Secret Schedule And Daily Action To Signup New Team Members Every Week

I've been asked many times before "what are you doing to get all these signups and sales?"

Then of course I tell my new team member, and share with them what steps to take.

It's not easy, but it is doable.

If you follow the steps below, you will also begin seeing new people join on a regular basis.

Only thing is, and be sure you understand this, is I have a funnel, system, and a follow up series of emails to increase my sales and signups.

If you do not have a way to capture leads for your company, or you have no way to follow up with the thousands of people you will see, then consider building such a system or USING THE SAME AS I DO.

First Step


First thing I do is go to my email and check for any new updates, or emails regarding business.

I delete the ones I don't want, and go quickly through all the others.

I do not go back until the very end.

Do not waste time on emails, get on and off as quick as you can.

Second Step

I create some content, usually here on MLM Gateway, and a couple other platforms.

While I am on these platforms, I also check for messages.

After creating content, I reach out to a few new people really fast, and respond to any messages I ave received from the day before or anyone reaching out to me.

Just like emails, get it finished as quickly as possible.

Even this business announcement is being typed as fast as possible, to get to a new step.

Third Step

Now we are moving into the meat and potatoes of the business.

We need to actually speak to new people about the business and see how many people we find that express interest in my business.

This takes hours usually, as leads can really come in heavily when you advertise in certain places.

But I try to be fast, and give every single lead who left me their phone number a call.

Usually a little less then half of these leads do not answer, so I have software to speed this up.

Using my software installed in Google Chrome, I can quickly leave a voice mail, and send a text message, and be off to the next person while the messages are being left.

Keep in mind this step can take up a lot of time.

If you meet interesting prospects, it can suck up most of your time.

But good news is, it most likely leads to a new team member. Which is the entire purpose for all the other steps.

Fourth Step

Now I need to be researching my topic for my official and personal website.

I put a lot of time and effort into creating content on my own blog.

I will make a video to go with it.

So I try to have a new blog and video out before the week end's. Sometimes I can get up to 3 posts out in a week.

But with high amounts of leads coming in and new team members to teach, I have been doing this step at late night hours mostly.

Fifth Step

We must have ways to advertise and use paid advertising.

I always take a little time to study my ads, see which are working best, and using the ones that turn the highest lead ratio, and conversions.

I have a template I use on Craigslist that pulls in leads like crazy, so I post in a new city from time to time, some weeks doing several cities.

I run ads here on MLM Gateway, and I am seeing tremendous results on this platform.

I also use solo ads from time to time, and those can really increase lead flow quickly. But I do have to be careful as I do not want to many leads coming in on a day I may not be able to contact them all.

Sixth Step

Anyone who responds to an ad I run, or opts-in to my landing page for my company, I will reach out to and connect with on MLM Gateway.

I am able to track and place codes on my company's links, so I know what ad a prospect came from.

If a person comes from MLM Gateway's ad, or any social platform for that matter, I look them up and send them a connection request.

This takes a few minutes, but it puts me in front of those who at least showed an interest in what I do.

It also leads to more engaging connections, and even in a couple of instances, a new team member.

Seventh Step

I always like to post on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (my favorite), and Google Plus.

But I also like to create conversations with others on there as well.

Messaging all my prospects who have messaged me, is something I always get to on a daily basis.

I may not always have a post, but I will always speak with new people, even if it appears they are trying to recruit me.

Some of these people have led to great relationships and even affiliate commissions.

Eighth Step

Promoting my content from my personal blog, is a very time consuming process.

Time consuming, but well worth it.

I like to spend all the time I possibly can on getting my blog to more and more places.

This includes backlinking it on certain paid websites for backlinking.

Adding every social share and post to social sharing websites, to increase engagement and have more share it around.

Creating additional content linking back to my blog post, and doing the same steps above to the new articles promoting it.

So as you see, this is a non ending type process you can go forever with. But, no one can just keep going on and on for just one post.

So I do as much as I can with it, and if the content appears to have a lot of power to it, I may add more time to pushing that specific post more.

The Basic Day

So the way I work my day, is I have specific tasks each day I must get to.

The important ones are taking with as much time needed to finish.

This of course leads to many days not completely getting to all the steps, but that's also a good thing in a way.

So I focus on getting to as many new people in a day as possible, doing lead generating activities as quickly as I can, and any time left goes towards promoting and strengthening my content on my blog.

This all together leads to daily prospects.

If you follow any of the steps above, remember to get good at each one before adding a new one.

Not everyday will you be able to complete the daily tasks if you are like me and like to have as many as you can possibly handle everyday.

Need Automation

Nothing helps more than automating these leads that come in daily.

There is no way I could follow up with everyone who looks at my business on a daily basis. If so, I would have over 3,000 calls just for follow ups in the past few months.

So having a system follow up for me is crucial.

Consider it for your own business, and get a system that can convert prospects into buyers for your business.

GO HERE AND TAKE THE FREE TOUR to see the same exact system I am using that is getting me massive amounts of sales and building me a large team.

P.S Be sure to leave a comment below, and share with me your thoughts or your own daily steps. I am always happy to hear from other members!

Also, shoot me over a connection request now, and I assure you I will accept it and prevent you from wasting your credits on non active members! If you don't have a credit to spare, let me know an I will shoot you the connection request!

This article was published on 24.09.2018 by Jaye Carden
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