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Why is business builder pack is the best choice for your Valentus sign up?

Were you interested in joining Valentus health drinks and the healthiest coffee business? Here is an article entirely dedicated to your sign up process and the choice of the right pack to start earning money selling Valentus drink boxes direct at the same time your 7 websites work for you.

There are different types of offers valid for your first pack:

1 box for 79.95$ including Independent representative fee

3 boxes for 149.95$ including Independent representative fee Save 25%

6 boxes for 219.95$ including independent representative fee Save 35%

16 boxes for 519.95$ including Independent representative fee Save 45%

Now this article doesn't only suggest you to maximize savings buying your independent sign up, it's going to tell you what benefits you get purchasing the business builder pack of 16 boxes and earning in your first month the ruby position inside the team, the legacy 100$ bonus on a unlimited amount of referrals, 4 levels cycling commission  and cycles for 20$ on a limit of 400$ a week. Locking in that much benefits, and maintaining a loyalty purchase of 3 boxes a month late in the month guarantees you keep your position, the legacy bonus that will cash in big cash 100$ US at a time later plenty of times and even more. Take part of the vision of the business and let's be honest, selling direct with the best price on the market is the advantage you will require to facilitate your experience selling the product and sampling it out too!

Valentus will include 7 websites hosted for you including a powerful sign up video, a pre enrolling tool on top of the eCommerce shop and even more. You will be able to take an easy look of your entire team and compensation using the tools online found after you have created your IR account. You can't go wrong because you will start earning 25% constantly of your website's sales. You can cash your earnings trough a pre paid credit card and also trough a worldwide payment processor. Your future is safe and sound with us and our team, dedicate your time and efforts to building with us and become rich over time!

Take advantage and sign up now! Our team will make sure you know what is the best way to get up to the top fast and with the best returns you would think possible. Earn money as early as next week if you start right now! Are you with our team?

You are doing the right decision, purchase now!
This article was published on 13.11.2016 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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