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I am Mr Nigel Barksfield, creator of Deliverer Safe List - your way to email market! 

'the safe list with the two, yes two, BIG differences...

you get to SORT YOUR MAIL into categories! No more deleting 

thousands of off-topic emails in busy mailboxes; no more 

autocleaning those million-dollar business deals; and, what's 

more, no worries about spam! Not only that, you can also

select an adjustable TRICKLE SERVICE to always keep you 

permanently in touch with your customers, and you can also

SEND WHENEVER you like, even on vacation - just log in and 

mail! It's that simple. So don't delay, sign up today and 

make more of your business with this Deliverer Safe 


You may think...

'So what's this - just another safe list? I belong to loads already.' 

But wait, Deliverer Safe List is a REAL attempt to make

a great idea better. 

Are you fed up with receiving hundreds of safe list

emails which are all OK but just off-topic or not really

what you have time for?

Do you worry that you shouldn't be autocleaning in

your bid to outblast your competitors?

Do you get fed up with logging in to yet another email account to check your emails?

Deliverer Safe List may be an answer. Members can

select to receive emails from one to five categories.  

1/ Internet advertising or related content e.g. safe lists,

traffic exchanges etc

2/ Finance or related content e.g. multi-level marketing,

randomizers etc

3/ Health or related content e.g. weight loss, anti-aging,

health foods, medicines etc

4/ Shopping or related content e.g. malls, sales,

special offers etc

5/ Other types of content e.g. list builders, affiliate

programs, energy systems, geological, sport etc 

The emails are assigned categories by the sender

at sending time.

But wait, there's more! Deliverer Safe List also offers its

clients the chance to select a trickle option which

means they only receive about 5% of the total list output. 

This means you can keep in touch with your customers 

and others can keep in touch with you without using a 

special dedicated mailbox. This makes the whole system 

friendlier and easier to use than other safe lists. 

There are three member levels available: 

Free, Silver and Gold.

Silver membership allows you to download e-books and 

software. Gold membership allows you to download e-books 

and software, AND you get selected sign-ups for advertised 


And now you can download your very own Deliverer Safe List,

and add your own addresses to become a Deliverer Safe List

owner. The CGI scripts are a snap to install and configure 

almost anywhere. 

Webmaster advantages (V4):


1/ Automatic file configuration at installation

2/ Website-wide dynamic display of recent activity

3/ Server-friendly Cron sends spead server load

4/ DSNetwork RFS ensures strength and good reach

5/ Written in universal PERL and PHP

6/ RMPS prevents newbies sending identical mails 

7/ Adjustable 5%/95% reduced send service 

8/ Utility program to reset vacation switches and send times 

9/ Logging includes: updates, downloads, messages etc

10/ Full after sales' and set up service

11/ Update program keeps usernames unchangeable 

12/ Advertising space built-in to many pages 

13/ Sendmail or socket support

Whichever way you look at it - 

you gotta get a Deliverer Safe List!

Peace from the webmaster,

Deliverer Safe List

You can sign up here...


OR, you can buy direct from Click2Sell

Version 4 Prices:

Network Sendmail 9.99 Euros    

Network Socket 16.99 Euros Independent Sendmail 29.99 Euros  

Independent Socket 36.99 Euros

This article was published on 04.09.2022 by Nigel Barksfield
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Deliverer Safelist - email marketing, Free to join

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