Victor Graham

Please allow me to introduce myself to this community.

I was first introduced to this MLM/Home Based Business industry in the 80's just after I graduated as a Civil Engineering Technologist, and I must say I was really passionately pleased to have found this industry. 

Even though I had spent a few years of hard work and study to qualify as a Technologist, deep down within me I always believed we all deserve to have the option to control our financial destiny. And I was sure being a Technologist would never offer that freedom to me, whereas with the correct MLM/Home Based Business company and a training system which was simple, effective, and easy to be duplicated by the masses,  I was sure my chances were excellent.

During the first few months I really struggles through the learning curve, but within my first year I began to get the system in place.

The company I first joined is currently very successful and still growing and has grown from the Caribbean  where I founded a North American company, back to North America and Europe, all because of a very simple system of duplication. A system of duplication I am now offering to all who really understand that the wealth and sustainability of any MLM/Home Based Business long-term weekly/monthly residual income , must begin with Creating the MLM Glue.

During the several years of my involvement in this industry, I have observed quite a few very interesting factors, and the most common factor is the fact that most newbies, to this fascinating industry, and even others who may be involved for years, really do not understand the driving force within this industry, and what must be accomplished in order to achieve long lasting success. 

Most people are convinced that the key factor or element which is required to achieve success within this industry is the "Product". But unfortunately, it is not. 

The key factor or element which is required to guarantee the success of the members in every company, is and always will be the system of training which must be simple and easy to be duplicated. It must be a system which can easily be duplicated and taught by even the grade school drop out. But unfortunately, not only do we still see the emphasis on the "Product", which is very important, but we also still see either no simple system of duplication, or one which can only be duplicated by the rocket scientist.  

For your free copy, please go to This is totally FREE. No contact information is required for your download.

Many thanks to all. While I wish you the best.


Victor Graham

This article was published on 02.11.2016 by Victor Graham
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