How to go on vacations that only the rich can afford for a few hundred dollars

In this business article i am going to talk about the network marketing business im apart of. its a luxury travel company  that most people wouldn't even believe exist. In a moment i will explain what this travel company consist of and how the business side works if that side is for you. Overall we are looking for people to to travel the world with and make some money. We are the fun and money club so if you don't like taking exotic vacations for practically no money,having the time of your life, and possibly building residual income that will last for generations to come then this isn't for you and you should stop reading this article.

Travel to exotic places for only a few hundred dollars

So far since ive joined my network marketing company i've been on 8 trips in the last 12 months. That means i've taken 8 vacations during 8 different months of 2016 out of a possible 12 month calendar year and all because of this amazing concept that two businessmen came up with and started. When you go on these vacations you are not paying for anything; they cover food,drinks,activities while you're there,transportation to and from the airport,and hotel stay. Al you have to do is book the dreamtrip, book your plane ticket, and go when the trip is taking place. From the time that you get to the airport you are treated like a VIP and they make you feel like you are king/queen of the world,When you get there they throw you and the other dreamtripers a welcome party and so much more. They did there business model exactly like costco and sams club. We are gonna use sams club for clarity purposes because everybody knows about sams club... sams club buys all the products they have in bulk when they stock up the stores which makes it 75% cheaper on them to stock up and they barely spend money on products. Since they buy in bulk they are able to offer everything in the locations to there members at wholesale price instead of retail, they make anyone who wants to shop there buy a membership and pay for that membership monthly; so essentially they don't get paid off of what the customers buy in the store they get paid off of the memberships to get in the store. Take that concept and apply it to travel; We buy hotels,cabins,ski resorts,5 star all the way to 5 diamond hotels for they year based on demand and by us getting all of that so cheap because we can buy in bulk, we are able to offer them to our members at wholesale/discounted prices. Im going to use the new york trip i just got back from recently as an example. I went and stayed in a hotel on times square for free, got a helicopter tour of the city for free, got tickets to a broadway show for free, went on a wine tasting tour for free, and so much more. All of this was included in my trip and for those of you that know about helicopter rides you know they cost 150-300 plus an hour to do. you guys wanna take a guess on how much i pay for all of this? less than 500 dollars with all of that included... and thats just 1 trip locally here in the US.

Membership Breakdown

Now that you've gotten an idea of how awesome this product really is i am going to tell you exactly how the memberships work. There are 3 different levels of membership you can choose from and i usually tell people to got with the one you can afford and you can always upgrade later. when upgrading you just pay the difference between the membership levels. There is standard membership, Gold Membership, And platinum membership and i will put a link to a presentation thats about 20 minutes that explains everything from the memberships to the business side. you can check out this epic presentation by clicking the word membership.

I Also will put a link for you guys if you wanna know more information after reading this article or watching the presentation and wanna inquire about joining the fun and money club i will put a link in this paragraph  which will be right Here.

PS click on the word membership for the presentation video and click on the word here to inquire about more info if you are interested in traveling the world with me and letting me teach you how to build residual income

This article was published on 17.11.2016 by Deontae Word
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