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Hello Fellow Marketers, my Name is Robert Quesada, I have been in the internet business less than 10 years at first I believe that all I needed was a good Products and as I promoted them and described the benefits and value of health, energy and quality of life people would motivated and knocking on my door to order and begin to make life changes and sore to the next level of life as they began to experience new way of thinking about their life due to the improvement of mobilty, lack of pain, sleep, etc. I soon realized having good Products is a very small piece of the puzzle to this business on the internet. It's a number thing a funnel thing a or a combination of all of them put together that will cost you a lot of money until you come across.the right system What I have to offer is Distribution of CBD oils,creams,sprays Products a growing business estimated to 22 plus billion in the next 2 years get ok n board and let's grow together connect with me motivated and determined to retire your 9-5 Mydailychoice.com/rquesada    A little about me my Name is Robert Quesada I have been in the people business for 28 years Substance abuse Counselor,  Rehab home Director and Mental Health worker working mostly with the Outcast of society that utilize Government funds to run various programs and Agencies and when your focus has been putting the welfare people before profiting. I have mostly work in the trenches. Giving  with guidance counseling, room and board while they look for work and started contributing as productive members of society , from ground zero. detox, to building rapport to watching them spread their wings and fly. Unfortunately all this cost money.  I have done my best to continue by working for a local Substance abuse Rehabilitation center Outpatient program. My goal is to work for free and continue to guide , counsel and build life long relationships with people.  I do believe in people to become responsible and and find their passion in life. My is to build a business and be independent from the Corporate 9-5 and continue building people up so that they may carry the baton to the next Generation people helping people. CBD if you put good Products into your body your body will respond Amazingly
This article was published on 15.04.2019 by Robert Quesada
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Hempworks - Health/nutrition, 59 USD to join

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