How I Signed Up 24 Reps In My Business, In Under 3 Weeks

Some may think it's impossible to get 24 people signed up into a Multi-Level-Marketing business in just 20 days, but I know first hand it's reasonable.

Not only was I personally able to signup 24 reps myself in a short time frame, but I had no leads at the time I began. Except for 2 warm market signups, everyone I had first met in the short time frame, and even the 2 warm market signups had no prior interest before this time.

So how?

Would you like to know how I was able to do this, and better yet, how you can do the same thing?

It Starts With Determination 

It starts with wanting to do whatever it takes to get there.

Most people think they truly have that determination, but let fear kick in when the time to start appears.

If you are willing to do whatever it takes, you will find that you too can signup 24 people in under 3 weeks, maybe less, maybe more. But either way, that steady flow of signups creates a leverage that begins to build itself.

Where To Start

You may not want to hear this, but you will HAVE to use a telephone.

The telephone makes so many people curl up in a ball, and sweat bullets.

But it really isn't that big of a deal, it's not very hard at all.

If your willing to do what it takes, and picking up the phone is what it will take, then you are ready to feel success my friend.

So let's learn the formula.....

Genealogy Leads

This was my magic formula. Genealogy leads.


It seemed these people knew about MLM, of course, and many of them still loved it regardless of past experiences with it.

Having people who know the industry prevented me from hearing the "Is this a scam" or "Is this a pyramid thing"?

No. They knew. They Loved. And they were full of questions about the opportunity I was involved in.

I was never able to get signups as fast as I had using Biz Opp Leads bought online. Those never knew what it was, acted like they could trust no one, and mostly were looking for a job. So after this I was hooked on Genealogy leads for that reason plus many more!

Call, Call, and Call Again

I would hit the floor as soon as I woke, and get to work. 

By 8am Central, I began dialing people I never met before, in the Eastern time zone (9am there).

Late at night I would call Pacific time zones when it got to late to call Eastern or Central (after 9pm)

Now I did have a FULL TIME JOB at this same time, so imagine what I could of done if I had the full 12 hours a day?

Of course I would have one off day a week on average, so I used it up talking to strangers, and turning them into my warm market.

But calling genealogy leads like a mad man drinking gasoline, The first few days brought nothing but a few interested people, and many non-interested people.

Once I got the first to signup around day 3 or 4 of calling, I had learned my opening statements, and what was working. It would be a new signup everyday for the next 17 days, sometimes up to 3 in a day.

When The Magic Began

What I had learned, was once I was making calls like crazy, and the people who joined me seen me putting people into their teams, I was looked at like an expert all of a sudden.

Other people in my upline and their teams, wanted me to speak on weekly webinars and teach what I was doing.

My warm market learned I was making check bigger then their work checks, and wanted to jump in and help.

That little bit of success began to build itself, getting easier and easier and I continued.

No more fear of the phone (yes I was very nervous when I started too).

And when I called these genealogy leads, they simply assumed I must be real successful, because I am brave enough to call them. That helped get quite a few in the start. I never told them I had no prior success to calling them, and they were blown away to learn I just started. 

All the great benefits that come with the sudden success, makes the work well worth it. It will pay for a long time.

How YOU Can Do The Same

First, get some genealogy leads.

They know MLM. They have joined a MLM in the past at least. And many of them are no longer in a company and want a new one. If you don't give them a call, then I will first.

You can use the same system I use for Genealogy leads, which is MLM RECRUIT ON DEMAND

I find it very beneficial because it is a simple $15 one time payment for the system, and it comes with a random batch of 100 genealogy leads.

But, what makes it most appealing, is you can use it to build relationships with other MLM business owners if they are involved in a company and are happy where they are. You will get the entire $15 when they purchase the system.

My recommendation is to instantly upgrade the system for a one time payment of $125 ($140 total) and you will get 200 more leads, and never have to pay for new batches of 100 for life. (LEADS FOR LIFE)

This means you can ask for more, and they come. For the rest of your life and you never spend another dime for them. This is a good way to build a giant team, and make a lot in commissions on the side.

You must be the one to make yourself contact these leads. Remember, you are not trying to get a sale, but to find a person you click with.

If you find the people you can talk to and you can get a long with really well, those will most likely be the ones that join your team. So focus on finding people to click with, and your team will take off.

Best of luck to you, and much success in your company!

P.S Shoot me a connection request here on MLMGateway, and I will be happy to connect with you. 

P.S.S If you need LEADS FOR LIFE, then be sure to get the MLM Recruit On Demand system now, and upgrade for a one time small fee to unlock leads for life and extra commissions to help you build your MLM!

This article was published on 08.01.2018 by Jaye Carden
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