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Your Opportunity- Do you really have a shot at long term success?

It seems we are awash in offers of opportunities … or maybe “so-called” opportunities, but are they really GREAT opportunities?!  Let's take a look at just a few and in doing so; cast them in the following perspective that was shared with me many years ago by a rather astute and financially very successful professional in the selling game.

Skipping all the conversation that led up to this sage advice what he said to me was, “If you sell to the classes, you'll eat with the masses; but if you sell to the masses, you'll eat with the classes”. And he was definitely eating with the classes.

So what's the point here and how does it relate to either why the hopes and dreams you had for your last or current opportunity haven't materialized; or why a few we'll look at here won't?  Shoprt answer: no mass market audience!

Take for instance ...

Travel MLM's-  Sounds great right?  I mean everyone wants to lay on the beaches in the hot sun while the snow is piling up back home.  So here's a question for you. How many people are on the beach vs. how many people are shoveling snow or huddled around their fireplace?  Here's another one for you. It's July or August and how many people from Phoenix, Philly, NYC, Atlantic City, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, on and on are flying down to Bermuda? Answer: None, Nada, nobody.  You have no mass market period!  Maybe that's why in the last 20 years, I've seen more travel MLM's come and go than I can count on two hands.  So much for that promised “residual” retirement income.

Coffee Weight-loss MLM's- Sounds great right?  I mean everybody drinks coffee right?  And (almost) everybody wants to lose weight right?  Well … no and maybe yes.  This is an opportunity that gets closer to the possibility of making you serious money, perhaps even residual for some time. But a lot of people don't drink coffee (The Iaso Tea folks are working with those folks. :->) and those like myself that do- some of us are very particular. It's Starbucks, Pete's or Dunkin Donuts that have the addiction hook in. Personally, I like Starbucks and Pete's and whenever I've tried the coffee-weight-loss mlm products, they always tasted bad by comparison.  The other problem is, it's a diet supplement for all intents and purposes.  You can continue to drink the coffee you actually like and just swallow one of the many weight-loss supplements on the market in and out of the network marketing industry.

INFO MLM's- Information on anything and everything- the “Super secret never before revealed” how to attract customers and distributors, “Millionaire earner reveals his/her” how to promote your web site and business and reach the top of your company just like he/she did! and the list goes on and on.  It's all bs. Problem: small, limited market.  Especially when the opportunity they are trying to promote doesn't seem to work and they give up after a month or two.  That's the day they cancel that monthly subion and/or web site they got sucked into with the promise that hundreds of people would be joining them through the web site. Without a doubt, weight-loss is the #1 potential opportunity in network marketing. Why?  The obvious answer is because the market is a mass market, especially when 65%+ of the U. S. population alone is estimated to be overweight and of that, some 35+% are considered obese. The TV and radio airwaves are flooded with diet programs.  The proliferation of diet products on the shelves of retail stores is massive. Understandably, most are junk, cheap ingredient products that may produce a sort term 5 – 10 lb. Loss and then plateau out followed by a return of the 10 pounds and they bring 3 or 4 friends with them.  The “Yo-Yo” effect at work. And that's exactly what happens with the most popular diet programs promoted on TV.

So everybody knows that the fad diets and the big names on TV don't really work- not long term anyhow.  But let me ask you another question.  What if there was a weight loss program- NOT A DIET PROGRAM, that not only got dramatic results but they actually lasted- for years might represent a real “residual” opportunity? What of the proof was highly visible Before and After pics of dramatic and lasting results and that the company had a less than … LESS than 1% return rate in almost 27 years?  What if that company's products overwhelmingly were purchased by and consumed by not the distributors but real customers (I know, kind of a radical notion in the MLM industry huh?), what if that were so? Might that represent a legitimate, long term residual income opportunity with mass market appeal?  And what if that company had an over the top compensation plan that rewarded the part-timer (obviously NOT a binary comp plan) as well as the full time replacement income home-based entrepreneur; might that be a great opportunity?


This article was published on 11.02.2017 by John Jeffrey
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