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What is The Algorithm of Insincerity? Part 2 More Tricks than Treats?

Is the social media strategy of "Attraction Marketing" more Tricks than Treats?

Social media sellers have just rebranded and repackaged this confidence racket with Facebook ads, really good compelling manipulative copy, and an auto-response series of messages to make people think that anyone can do this business like that.

They cannot because at the end of all that sensational buildup you find out about the name of the company and you already know, like and trust this person and that is the reason someone joined, not because of any objective quantifiable evaluation of the business itself. So you get a bunch of people that you have to babysit and keep them knowing, liking, and trusting you, even when you manipulated  their trust from the very beginning.

Now this is where the algorithm of insincerity starts to kick in because one of the major components of the formula is to keep people engaged in your content in order to sway them. So you like their post, they like your post and most people don't even read posts very closely in order to really understand them much less appreciate them.

So what you have is a computer program that's learning this human behavior of insincerity and reinforcing it and creating this algorithm of insincerity as I call it because no one's actually liking, or really appreciating what's being said, or the pictures or whatever, they're just using the algorithm to increase their engagement. It has nothing to do with the objective quantifiable aspects of the business that they are promoting.

 There's social proof strategies, attraction marketing strategies, and know like and Trust components to this umbrella of deception.  They're all based on the same thing: getting people to like you and your brand regardless of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of your program.

Does this mean I don't want people to know, like and trust me?

Of course I do, everybody wants to be liked, but I don't want people to base their business decisions on my sparkling personality or my lack thereof. And I certainly don't want people to become involved in my program for that reason alone because I don't want to make myself that magnetic and Powerful to get people to do something against their own best interests.

Attraction marketing method is just a clever retreading of what every company up until the internet has used previously.  That is to train new distributors to prospect their warm Market, because they already know, like and trust them.

So the principle in theory works but in practice you cannot sustain a business that is built on relationships alone. A business has to be practical in not only how it serves its customers but in how they acquire them. Most people that join a network marketing program are not a good fit for the products, therefore they will not continue to pay the price for the service or commodity over any prolonged period of time. And that is one of the primary indicators of what creates a residual income

That's what people don't understand about the Dynamics of building an organization and only having customers left because you build an organization based on this warm Market strategy of getting people you already know like and trust you to join but then they were never a good candidate for the product or service to begin with. OR their upline or company either did something to piss them off or went out of business or had a product that killed people and then subsequently went out of business or was deemed a pyramid scheme by the FTC and then went out of business.

These are the residual effects of 60 years of doing network marketing in a really stupid way.

What I'm doing is swimming against the current ideology that is being promoted in the area of the internet and social media. You're going to have the same dismal results but you're also going to have an increased public perception of the industry and the MLM compensation based on the method you've used over the last 10 to 15 years to promote the income opportunity in Bad Company's.

At some point in the discussion you need to ask these questions.

  1. What type of product do you Market?
  2. Who is the ideal customer for this product?
  3. What's the company's track record of ongoing reorders for this product (and this is an important distinction) from the same individuals?
  4. Who is your competition for this Market category?
  5. And finally is there an initial purchase or ongoing personal purchase requirements in order to make money from every aspect of the Compensation Plan?

Because even though many companies tell you that they have a great product they still have a requirement in their pay plan that you have to purchase initially or monthly order to qualify for commissions.

It is some type of personal use purchase every month from the company so you can be a legitimate spokesperson. How dumb is that mentality? Front end purchases of large packs and Enforced auto ship practices are the hallmark of companies where if they didn't have those requirements they wouldn't have the number of annual revenues that they claim.

You cannot overcome a bad opportunity with great recruiting strategies that may bring people in by the truckloads but will never keep them with a poorly conceived commodity in an over saturated market niche.

If you are open to a better way to build a business based on the real world instead of Fairy Tales, connect with me here or on my YouTube channel by clicking the links above.


This article was published on 28.10.2022 by Kevin Harrison
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