How I Got My Instant Signup In My Business Today, Without Even Speaking To Him

What happened for me today, is what almost every network marketer wants.

To get signups without having to prospect and do the actual rapport building work.

Some call it automation, and naturally everyone wants it.

So today I am going to explain how I was able to signup a new affiliate into my business, on a mid sized package ($200+ Order) without even calling him yet.

It Starts With Having A System

First thing to understand, is I have a system in my company that will follow up with any leads I generate, and help make sales without me doing it.

So when the prospect "opted-in" to look at my opportunity, he began getting updates on the others who are joining and taking the tour.

Simply by opening his email, I was able to get a signup.

He left no number for me to reach him, so without the email follow up my company offers, I would of never gotten him to signup.

So, basically put, all I do is load this system down with more and more leads, and I get signups from it.

Want To Take A Free Tour And See Why It Works So Well?

So How Do I Get The Leads?

There are several ways I generate leads for this system, both paid advertising and free.

This person came from free advertising, or online content I load up.

By focusing on getting more and more leads, and adding more and more content online, my business grows every week.

Here are a few ways I am able to generate leads. If you are able to do any of these yourself, you may have the same success I am currently having.

Lead Sources:

  • Craigslist - Paid Ads ($7 up to $35 for one ad)
  • MLM Gateway (buy credits, and earn credits. Use advertising, business announcements, and messaging)
  • Solo Ads - Use various vendors, paying about .50 cents a click on average
  • Blogging - Having my own website gets a lot of serious prospects
  • Videos - Adding new videos on a consistent basis helps get more prospects
  • Social Media - Connecting with new people, and keeping my messages valuable
  • Genealogy Leads - If my lead flow is slow, I always can turn to high quality possibilities 

That's about it for now. I do plan to add more when time is possible to do so.

Let The Tools Do The Work

By letting the system do it's thing, I see this happen often.

Prospects takes a tour of the opportunity, and when they see others are as well doing it, they tend to want in more often.

Letting the tools work is super important to get automated signups.


If a lead leaves a phone number, I will make a call to the prospect and see what they are looking for.

This will increase the amount of signups as some will not join, until they meet the one behind the emails.

By contacting the ones who leave numbers, my signup rate increases as well.

But, pointing those prospects I call to the email follow up, is how it is done.

Want To Get Paid On My Signups As Well?

Would you like to get bonuses for the work I do?

As I signup new people, you too could be getting the volume counted towards your own business and cashing in on it later.

All you need to do, is first take the tour.

Then watch the emails that come.

Then join the team and from then on, all who signup, count towards your own volume for bonuses, rank advancements, and income.


You get to use the same system I am getting results with, and enjoy an easier approach to building a MLM business.

P.S If you want to see this for yourself before making any judgement or decisions, be sure to take this free tour and let the system prove itself to you first!

This article was published on 14.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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