The project is on a smart contract. There are no risks.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a computer algorithm that controls the transaction. It is entered into the blockchain and remembered forever. The terms are the same for everyone and cannot be changed or deleted by anyone. The smart contract performs financial transactions automatically, without human intervention, according to conditions written in advance.

Example. You and a friend bet on the outcome of a football match. You Deposit bets into the blockchain in the form of a transaction, which are stored there until the end of the game. When the match ends, the smart contract automatically checks the outcome on one of the sports websites and transfers all the money to the winner.

Example 2. You ordered the product through the online store. Payment for the goods are recorded in the blockchain, and only after confirmation by the courier service that the goods are delivered, the money goes to the owner.

No one will deceive anyone, everyone sees the text of the program and understands that it works exactly as it is written in it. A smart contract is not a person, it will not lie and will not hide with money.

The data is encrypted and distributed in the blockchain and duplicated many times, they can not be changed or deleted

The verified smart contract will work as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists.


Available to everyone. Entry fee-0.03 ETH (5$) 

For the first time such simple and convenient marketing. Binary matrix. 5 lines-62 people in the team is enough to go through two cycles and earn 1500 ETH

The frequency of repetition is 100 days. Income can be repeated every 100 days with a finished team, earning $300,000 every three months

Reduced the cost of levels. The first 4 levels of the cycle are only 0.58 ETH


Million smart contract.MONEY is the best that mankind could come up with in recent years

Payments are made from the wallet to the wallet of the participant

Blocking and hacking of the wallet is impossible

You can't steal money

If you hack the site, the smart contract will work

You cannot exclude your account from the structure

The project has no owner, all conditions are unchanged

Contact me for more details Skype: Roman_bsn1

This article was published on 30.11.2019 by Korotkii Roman
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millionmoney - smart contract, 3 USD to join

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