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The Plan B Income Strategy


From time to time in human history something spectacular comes along. It could be an event, a discovery, an invention, etc. The internet,5G, Facebook, smart phones, just to name a few. The list can go on. That time has come again, it's here right now! A paradigm shift has and is occurring right now in the work from home space. The pandemic made the case for a plan b income strategy and the real need to be able to safely work from home. Not only was our income source threatened, but we faced a very real danger to our life and our families lives by being force to leave our home to earn an income. Those of us in home based businesses fared better than many others, especially if that home based business was lucrative and we were making a substantial amount of money. The sad thing is that most home based businesses are not profitable or they generate very little income. All of that can now be changed. There is a remedy now. One can now have a tremendous, steady, consistent, income. An income that can dwarf one’s primary income, it is here, it is now! A once in a lifetime golden opportunity! Many of us in MLM, network marketing, direct sales, gifting, etc., have been looking for the opportunity that would do it for us, allowing us to live the lifestyle we have dreamed of. Many of us have had some success, others have had no success. Much of our efforts have helped the top 3 percent, the ones at the top that make most of the money. That's great for them; they have managed to develop the skill set to make the big money. Unfortunately, the 97 percent below, don't make the big money. We continue on in spite of the statistics because we believe in free enterprise. Some of us have read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki, who talks about the four quadrants and we know that we want to be on the right side of the quadrant. We want a system that does the work of generating large sums of money over and over again. We want to use those large sums of money to live a great lifestyle and make that money work for us through our investments. That is what we have right now. The only criteria is, that one wants a great lifestyle for themselves and are willing to work together with others to help them also have a great lifestyle.

The Plan B Strategy

This article was published on 05.07.2021 by Shabaka J-El
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