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Afternoon Leaders.


Streamline levels of each Package, depends on each package differently.

Crowd1 has 4 different Packages and you can buy any at anytime, you can upgrade anytime and your upgrade has nothing to do with the number of people recruited.

Streamline levels differ to each Package.

WHITE PACK will only take you to level 4 and not above and you will have to *Upgrade to Black* to move levels up.

BLACK PACK will only take you to level 8 and not above and you will have to *upgrade to Gold* to move Levels up

GOLD PACK will only take you to level 12 and not above and you will have to *upgrade to Titanium* to move Levels up

TITANIUM PACK is the only Pack to take you to 15 / 15 (15 of 15)

All roads leads to Titanium - You need 20 Personally sponsored to maximize earning on Matching bonuses.

The winning combination in Crowd1 is Recruit and Upgrade.

*NB You will not move any level higher than what the current package can take you, even if you have more recruits you will need to Upgrade to the higher pack*.

Join Crowd1 under knowledgeable sponsor, it will benefit you and your team.

Welcome on board.

Since we are not moving here let's all make money 

I would like to introduce you to a legitimate business that is paying so well and is still new globally. 




✅White � R1 800

✅Black � R5 500

✅Gold � R14 500

✅Titanium � R43 0000

*Direct Referral Bonus:*

This is a bonus earn when your referral buy one the following packages: 

€99 (White) - €36

€299 (Black) - €108

€799 (Gold) - €288

€2499 (Titanium )- €900


80% of your commissions goes to account balance

20% of your commission goes to your owners rights for dividends paid monthly 


€36 commission for a €99 package

€ 28.80 - goes to your account balance

€ 7.20 goes to your owners rights

*Streamline Bonus*

A line indicating your level of movement in the business based on the amount of your own effort/performance and your team performance including spillovers.

When u reach Level 15, u earn R66 000pm forever!�

*What is fear of Loss Bonus*

Bonus that u qualify for when u recruit 4 members in the business “within 14 days of joining the business”

“Fear of loss bonus is paid according to the package that u have bought”

White - invite 4 members = €125

Black - invite 4 member = €375

Gold - invite 4 members = €1000

Titanium- invite 4 members = €3000

*Binary Bonus*

Each new signup gives you a different amount depending on their package level and your imbalanced points in the left / right binary leg.

You need 1 personally sponsored member with a paid package in each leg to get payments activated and earn for life.


White - earn €9 Up to €36 if your have imbalanced points to cash out.

Black - earn €27 Up to €108 if your have imbalanced points to cash out.

Gold - €72 Up to €288 if your have imbalanced points to cash out.

Titanium - €225 Up to €900 if your have imbalanced points to cash out.

*�How do I earn Max €9 and how to get Max €36? This depends on your streamline level as per the package u have bought*

*Potential Bonus*

Funds due to u, ready to be released when points from your both left and right leg are imbalance, 90 points on left/right, will release only €36 and balance will be carried over on the strong leg(depending on package bought)

This €36 will be divided into 20/80

80% will go to your balance to withdraw immediately 

20% will go to your owner’s rights to be payable when the company launches on the 1 October 2019

*What is owner’s rights*

Are profit shares, these accumulates as per package u bought and points through team performance. These profit shares will only be paid out when the company launches on the October 2019.

*Matching Bonus*

The Matching Bonus pays out a percentage based on your personally sponsored teams’ Binary Bonus!

The number of your personally sponsored members and your member package sets the Matching level

*Joining link*

This article was published on 14.11.2019 by Busisiwe Joyce Msi
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crowd1 - Profit sharing, 1800 USD to join

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