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Every 10 - 20 years a concept comes around and completely disrupts the status quo. Like Quartz Watches to Automatic Watches, Postal Mail to Email, Movie Theaters to Netflix, Gas Powered Cars to Electric Cars, Cash Payments to Digital Payments and the list goes on. 

In the beginning, it seemed unlikely that these new concepts would gain any traction, but in time they became the new norm. And as you can see, they actually didn’t create something completely new, they simply presented an old way of doing things in a new light!  

Let's face it, I'm pretty sure you still use watches, receive regular mail, watch movies at the theater, drive cars that need gas and make payments with cash or check, right? 

It’s just that now you have choices that make it simpler, more efficient, and in a lot of cases even better than before. 

Enter Direct Connect Marketing (DCM). A dynamic new platform that harnesses the best elements of Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales and Network Marketing with Positive Lifestyle events.  

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Club Sparkle. We are an innovative lifestyle company that offers unique health and wellness products that provide amazing results, coupled with a revolutionary opportunity that has helped to improve tens of thousands of lives across Japan who are living the "Sparkle Life" - a Life with No Limits!

At Club Sparkle, we help people LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT and BE GREAT as they experience a whole new world of health, wealth, personal development, happiness, and adventure!

Our unique business model uses an innovative platform called DCM - DIRECT CONNECT MARKETING and is powered by a lucrative Loyalty Program that generously sets aside 55% of all Global Sales into a Profit Sharing Pool in which all of our Members can participate.

Over 100,000 people in Japan have proven the Direct Connect Marketing concept and thousands are earning tremendous life-changing income. This proven track record in Japan has duplicated itself in Taiwan and Vietnam, and is now making its way into the USA!

You are in the right place at the right time with the right people! Club Sparkle is the vehicle needed to realize your dreams and live a #LifeWithNoLimits! Below you will find information about our products and how our loyalty program is making a big difference.

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I am ready to help you get started. Please contact me @ 702-637-4405!

Kind Regards

Dean Hymel

This article was published on 27.01.2020 by Dean Hymel
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Club Sparkle - Nutrition, Health, 325 USD to join

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