Email Signature Tips to Get More Leads for Any Business

Today, I would like to take a few minutes and talk to you about using email signatures to recruit more MLM reps. This is such a simple way to get more leads and more sign ups, yet very few people do it effectively (if they even do it at all). 

With most email service providers, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc., you have the option to set up an email signature. 

Your email signature would get attached to every email you write up yourself and every email you reply to. 

A Normal Email Signature

A normal email signature might look something like this:

Very Respectfully,

Chuck Holmes

Independent (Company Name Here) Distributor

(352) 503-4816 EST

Website Link Here

The Power of Email Signatures

I definitely can't speak for you, but if you send out 20 to 50 emails per day and respond to that many per day, you could make 40 to 100 exposures every single day, all on complete auto-pilot. 

Over the course of a year, that would add up to about 15,000 to 30,000 exposures.  That is very powerful. 

How Network Marketers Mess It Up

Most network marketers mess up with their email signatures without even realizing it. 

The first mistake is that their email signature is boring. It doesn't inspire ANYONE to read it or click on the email signature.  It just says what they do.

To be successful, you must be different, and stand out in the crowd. Look at what everyone else does and do the opposite.

The second mistake network marketers make is they say the name of their MLM Company in their email signature. 

This is a HUGE mistake, as I see it. By telling people the name of your company, you have automatically closed out their curiosity. Using the curiosity approach works best. 

Example Email Signatures That You Could Use

For Weight Loss Products


Chuck Holmes

(352) 503-4816

P.S. My friend Tony got tired of being fat and not being able to see his belly button. He couldn't even bend over far enough to wash his feet when taking a shower. He lost 100 pounds in six months by using this weight loss product. Now, he's back on the dating scene, loving life. 

*** In this example you would just hyperlink the "using this product" and send people to your capture page. 

For Your Opportunity


Chuck Holmes

(352) 503-4816

P.S. I got sick and tired of driving 82 miles per day to work round trip, to a job I hate, doesn't pay me what I am worth, and to a boss that annoys me. I finally decided to do something about it. Want to know what I did?

*** In this example you would just select the phrase "Want to know what I did?" and hyperlink it to your capture page. 

One Last Tip

Always send people to a capture page first, never to your MLM Company's replicated website. You want to collect their name and email first, and then have them redirected to your offer. That way you can follow up with them numerous times by email. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. This is a simple way to use email signatures to recruit more MLM reps. I hope you apply what you learn and use it to promote your own business. To your success!

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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketing professional. Learn more about his opportunity.

This article was published on 21.08.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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