How To Get MLM Signups Using Craigslist Ads


Every network marketer almost, has either used or heard of using craigslist ads.

But how many have gotten good results from it?

Most people in the MLM industry will say that Craigslist works for getting leads, but not for actual MLM signups.

But, they are wrong.

Most likely, if you've gotten little to no results using Craigslist ads for MLM, you were doing it wrong.

So today, I will share with you the major steps you need to know in order to create a successful MLM ad on Craigslist.


The Steps For Creating A MLM Craigslist Ad

Here are the points needed to learn in order to create a successful MLM Craigslist ad:

Step #1: Title

You need to create a title that does not look like hype, and will raise curiosity to get the click.

If you create a compelling title, people will open the ad to read it. Miss this, all for nothing.

Step #2: Body

The body needs to explain "why" the reader should click the link to learn more.

Many ads will go on about how much can be made, but that hurts instead of helps.

Raise more curiosity by explaining why your industry is taking off, and they are more likely to want to know more.

Step #3: Image

Include an image that looks professional.

Images help the overall click rate.

I like to use charts that show growth in the industry as a whole. 

Using charts, or pictures that show benefit of the industry will work well.

Where To Send Craigslist Traffic

Here is one of the biggest mistakes most make when using Craigslist for MLM Sponsoring.

They send the traffic to a replicated MLM website. This is a big mistake.

You MUST send the traffic to a funnel and landing page.

The idea is to get the information of all the people who were interested in your ad enough to get this far.

Replicated sites leave you with no idea who was interested, so use a funnel.

Also, you'll need the funnel to help drive up the signups in your MLM business.


The Followup Process For MLM Craigslist Ads

Another major reason to use a landing page and funnel for MLM Craigslist ads, is to follow up.

Without a follow up, the Craigslist ad will pull hardly any results.

But with an email follow up drip, for about 30 days solid, you will see a small number of people join from it.

Also, those who leave phone numbers, should be contacted via telephone.

Calling MLM Craigslist leads, usually leads to a signup per ad. Add that to another signup from email drips. Averaging about 2 signups per ad when put together correctly.

Don't be surprised about how many people it took for just a couple of signups, because that's natural.

More Tips For MLM Sponsoring Using Craigslist

If you want to learn all the steps, additional tips, and get more information on running a successful Craigslist campaign for your MLM business, then visit my official blog and website where I give way more details on this.

I've been using Craigslist for over a year solid, and have seen several signups, and even customers who are still buying every month from the ads.

Visit my blog post titled How To Master Network Marketing And MLM Sponsoring Using Craigslist Ads here, and pick up your free copy of "20 Ways To Get Leads" while you are there!

Did This Help?

If you got value from this post, or new ideas to help with your Craigslist ads, then please leave a comment below. I appreciate all feedback.

Also, let's get connected here on MLM Gateway, so we can continue sharing value with one another!

P.S Want to see how many leads and signups I get from Craigslist? Or even better, put them in your MLM business? This is possible when you take the free tour here, and learn more about this.

This article was published on 23.01.2019 by Jaye Carden
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